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Breaking Down


Genres: Rock / Alternative / Indie

Location: Peoria, AZ

Stats: 60 fans / 22,870 plays / 4 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Christine, Jacob, Rodrigo, Rhonda, Morgan

Breaking Down is a rock band hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, bringing a burst of life to the local music scene. Their combination of alternative rock and powerful female vocals creates a musical mixture fit for all tastes. Breaking Down is edgy melodic rock!

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  • BrittenXpunk said:
    hey you guys rocked out last night @ Sunrise Moutain =] Dec 09
  • katie731 said:
    Hey Guys, My name is Katie and I am a Band Service Agent for the Western US Region of the 2007 Bodog Battle. I came across your website and I think your band would be a great addition to the competition. I thought your song Life in Pieces was awesome. If you%u2019re curious about what the Battle looks like in action, check out the Bodog Music Battle Of The Bands TV Show, which airs every Wednesday on the FUSE network. Sign up now and you could be a part of it! Jul 26
  • said:
    Hey all, I thinki you\'re like killer awesome and i love your music soooo much. ---Cole Becca Oct 10
  • emoslike11_ispunk said:
    hola you guys..haha..hey Jake whats up..its the crazy gurls from Rage...wow..I didnt know yall had a PV too..thats flippin sweet..well hey I will spread the word about how totally awesome yall are...heckss yesss man...anyways..yall rock...especially Jake hes the kewlest out of you people sorry to say but yah he is...lol...so yeah..catch yall later then...*buybyes*until next time!!! Jul 28
  • xxridesagainxx said:
    hey question. would you guys be able to send me the lyrics for she cries. thanks a million katlynn Jun 23
  • xxridesagainxx said:
    hey guys omg i love you so much cant wait to here more from you Mar 05


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