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  • JustAMistake said:
    Love it Apr 29
  • Paolita Purple said:
    GuYs"!! Ur eNeRgY Is aWeSOmE!!! I lOvE Ur mUsIc!!! Feb 21
  • Cassy said:
    I actrully really like this. [: Dec 11
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  • Aniyo*JinxJoseph* said:
    =)love theeee musicccccccccccccccccccccc Sep 04
  • torri p said:
    i love the lyrics. r u guys touring in va soon? Aug 31
  • roxxy said:
    i like you guyss Jul 22
  • HazzyMorphine said:
  • HazzyMorphine said:
    STUFF is prety GOOD... Jun 12
  • Tanya said:
    hey boys. :D Apr 16
  • Chandler said:
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