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Brave Saint Saturn


Genres: Rock / Experimental / Acoustic

Location: United States

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4 tracks

Members: Reese Roper, Dennis Culp, Keith Hoerig, Andrew Verdecchio

Anti-Meridian is out now and available exclusively at the online store!

The album is available for download at the iTunes store, AmazonMP3 and emusic!


  • walkerwade said:
    Nice music Aug 24
  • ricerubberroll said:
    very cool stuff thank you Apr 18
  • skyrunner said:
    you cant not love Reese Roper's voice Jan 20
  • Sophie said:
    binary is my favorite song!!! you're incredible :) Jan 04
  • CraigSnedeker said:
    Man you guys rock! Starrling is so cool!!!! Nov 09
  • Raph's Ysmirnah - Jesus be Glorified said:
    Hey guys, what up? check me out @ www.purevolume.com/ysmirnah leave a comment and lemme know what'ya think. God bless ! Jan 04
  • Stevo the Sleepwalker said:
    Wow, absolutely epic. You guys are now one of my favorite bands. Great job. Oct 05
  • rockstar4jc said:
    It's about time. I miss your squeal, Reese. It's like fine wine, one sip and you're hooked. And I must say, I'm hooked, baby. Sep 17
  • ThatguyMicah said:
    Today is the most glorious day of my life. I got online and Wiki'ed BS2 for fun and found out the new album is out today! Glorious! I hope you guys are touring. I was too young to catch FIF in concert. Don't let me miss out on this too. Bless you BS2! Sep 15
  • James said:
    Man the songs sound awesome! totally worth the wait Sep 14
  • Bill Neitz said:
    Stop taunting me with new songs!!!! Arrrgghhhh!!! Sep 12
  • Jacob H said:
    BS2 Rules. Come to Orlando, for the sake of all that is good, please! Love, -Jacob Sep 11


Sep 15, 2008

So Far From Home

Jun 20, 2000


Perth, Australia




Perth, Australia


London, United Kingdom


Perth, Australia


United States


Jalandhar, India


Burton City, OH

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