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Genres: Indie / Rock

Location: Cleveland, OH

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6 tracks

Members: Myk, Jared, Matt, John


Having already exceeded the shelf-life of the average indie rock band by a few years, a series of tours, and a handful of albums, Brandtson could have used the departure of original bassist John Sayre as their moment to shake hands, congratulate each other on a race well run, and ride off into the Cleveland sunset with their reputation and legacy intact. But just as a brush with death can cause some people to live their lives with a newfound purpose, Brandtson found a new bassist, regrouped, and agreed to shake off all of the trappings of comfort and complacency that can cripple a band that has been writing songs together for eight years, creating their boldest, most immediate, and most dynamic album in the process. Welcome to Brandtsons second act.

A song cycle built on the idea of confronting agents of manipulation from media, from social pressure, from personal fears and insecurities Hello, Control is a statement of liberation and experimentation. On my end of things, songwriting has always been about coming up with interesting guitar parts and trying to piece a song together around it, says guitarist Matt Traxler, recalling a barroom band meeting that yielded the new direction for the bands eighth album. The first thing that pulled me away from that mindset was Paint It Black by the Rolling Stones. I was just listening to it, and there is nothing going on in the song. Theres the sitar part thats really simple, drums, bass, guitars, whatever everything is just an afterthought, and its the vocal melody that sucks you in. As I was explaining that, the Violent Femmes song Gone Daddy Gone came on the jukebox, and its a similar thing, where its just xylophone and the other instrumentation is on the backburner and the real hook is the vocal melody. I think we all realized that was something that we paid too little attention to in the past.

With the addition of bassist/electronic auteur Adam Boose (formerly of Cleveland synth standouts Furnace St.), Brandtson not only subverts the formula of past releases but obliterates it entirely. Bringing Adam into the mix, and him being from a background of electronic music really helped with that, says guitarist/vocalist Myk Porter, pulling no punches when describing the bands eagerness to break down the previous strictures of their sound. Before Adam joined the band, we were the same four guys for eight years, and you definitely get locked into a formula working with the same people for so long. The fact that a lot of the writing on this record was done in front of a laptop instead of in a room with four guys with guitars, you have a melody in your head and instead of plucking it out on a guitar you thump it out on a Moog, and that can put a new spin on things.

Sharpening their pointed pop hooks on Booses mastery of electronic programming, the band veers from mewing guitar lines and pulsing dance-rock hook of the apocalyptic Earthquake & Sharks to the twitchy shout-along anthem Denim Iniquity and the computerized croon of Nobody Dances Anymore. Arrangements are simplified to reinforce the primacy of the melody, with the previously cutting and slashing guitars now churning and twitching, with Jared Jolleys complex rhythms forming complex patterns around Booses electronic blips and bloops. Add it up, and its a beguilingly original work, a sonic tableau where New Order and Depeche Mode wander onto the dance floor before being pushed to the sidelines by the sound of Franz Ferdinand bumping heads with Kraftwerk

Both an reintroduction and a statement of intent, Hello, Control is a moment of rebirth caught on record, a band reinventing themselves, reinvigorating their sound, and reaffirming the power of rock and roll. This is the sound of a band losing and finding themselves all at the same time. Brandtson is very much alive.

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  • BryceWagner said:
    curious how they sound from six feet deep which i saw in concert in canada. Jan 18
  • The Obscurity said:
    good product May 10
  • sweetraj said:
    Hey hey! :) Apr 22
  • danielle myers said:
    Love love love love love love love love, x infinity. Oh, and beyond. ;) Mar 29
  • Colemanation said:
    awesome tracks! also, if you like Brandtson, you'll love this new band i found www.purevolume.com/roadtobremen they're amazing!! Jun 23
  • Kelsey said:
    It broke my heart to hear that you guys wouldn't be making music as Brandtson anymore. I am so attached to all of your songs. I have memories for each of them. Good luck with whatever comes next. May 15
  • I am;; Erica said:
    holybejebus :D yer music is really origional i like it lots(: Apr 26
  • xDowncastxEyesx said:
    you guys should make your songs downloadable..pleaseee! : ) Nov 28
  • Kaylee said:
    Represent C-Town!! Love your music and that you're from Cleveland. At least we have music, even if our sports teams are less than successful (the Cavs need to get their act together if we are going to win a championship this year!) YOU GUYS ROCK:D Oct 28
  • Kelly said:
    I am so happy. your music is like being at home in my heart. Oct 27
  • Emily :) said:
    Mhhmmmmmm best song ever from you guys is definitly earthquakes and sharks :):):):):):):) Make downloadable puhlez Sep 15
  • Chasing The Ghost Of A Good Thing said:
    I'm consumed. It's just so good. Aug 07
  • abbeyrose said:
    you guys rockk XD Jul 02
  • dezzy :] said:
    you guys are really amazing! Jun 08
  • JoFresh said:
    Yo if you dig on Brandtson you might like to check out a few free MP3s from The Ting Tings http://www.daytrotter.com/article/1274/the-ting-tings PEACE (Y), JoFresh and Joclean May 25

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