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Brandon Hill


Genres: Alternative / Christian / Rock

Location: Austin, TX

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NEW CD OUT NOW! comment me if you want one...

music and lyrics written and performed by brandon hill


Name: Brandon Hill

Birthday: 09-09-90

Birthplace: El Paso, Texas

Eye Color: Hazelish

Hair Color: Dirty Blonde

Right or Left Handed: Depends on what I am doing

Heritage: white

Favorite Foods: Too many - Ice Cream, Oreos, Skittles, Starburst, Grandma's cooking, Carmel, Twizzlers, cereal, Gummy bears, Chineese takeout and Ice cream.

Store: the candy store

Movies: Extreme Days, Back to the Future

Places to Visit: Mammy's (grandma) house, Florida, Tennesse, Colorado

Shoes you wore today: Flip Flops

Your Fears: Scary things- movies, haunted houses, noises, people, etc.

Perfect Pizza: mmmm pizza

Thoughts first waking up: I just can't wait to go to another long day of school today!

Most missed memory: Times with friends

Pepsi or Coke: Coke

Subject: English

TV Show: Full House, The Price is Right

McDonalds or Burger King: Ronald McDonald

Chocolate or Vanillia: Vanilla!

Do you like Thunderstorms: YES!

Ever been beaten up: all the time

How do you want to die: worshiping

What do you want to be when you grow up: a kid

Person you most would like to meet: Tyler Burkum

Your happy place: with a guitar in hand

Color: orange

Sport: to play - basketball, to watch - football

Season: WINTER!


  • love = lies ... said:
    hey.. youre reallly good !! :) Jan 16
  • Victoria said:
    hey brandon, your music rocks. you should get a profile on myspace so that your music can rock the profiles of fans world wide. its just a thought. keep on rocking m/ May 13
  • ☮Taylor Alexis (: said:
    i so want one of your cd. how muchh is it? Apr 17
  • then falls kaity. said:
    i love This is for You! haha your blessed with a great talent and passion to serve the Lord. i love it! hahah keep it up. God bless Apr 13
  • then falls kaity. said:
    aw haha you're so adorible. stay on fire for the Lord. Jeremiah 29:11. He is definitly using you in mighty ways through your music. keep it up, you're awesome. God bless Mar 03
  • dshbrdsweethrt said:
    I'm loving the sound =) Feb 25
  • said:
    your music is really good! is your cde out in stores?!?!? Dec 11
  • Jordan91 said:
    I would but I don\'t go to myspace so why don\'t you just post your new song on here. Aug 26
  • said:
    hey pretty good stuff! i thought that you were a diff brandon hill that i know...its really weird b/c you and him look alike and have the same interests and both play and sing...weird but good stuff man! Aug 01
  • rachelface71 said:
    aw, im lovin your music. Jul 02
  • HAPPY_GIRL said:
    HI OMG(osh) I love your music! it\'s so true and simple but it really says it all! I\'m totally i fan! Jun 05
  • Bsquared74 said:
    hey wats up??? dude your awesome. are you signed? check out my band www.purevolume.com/godspeedsc May 28
  • samiami013 said:
    well, im home from school sick. and so i search up christian bands on here, and wow! you\'re great. i\'d love to get a copy of your cd. i\'ll message you about that soon. God Bless. have a Wonderful day! =] May 09
  • Nicky Texas said:
    i want one of your cd :] Apr 06
  • said:
    i want a cd!!! im jus not sure how to get 1 from texas to kentucky...lol well ttyl may God bless ya in more ways than 1 and stay HxC for Jesus!! much love, ~sara mt Mar 06

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