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Brandishing Steel


Genres: Christian / Rock

Location: Fredericksburg, VA

Stats: 10 fans / 247 plays / 16 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Kevin Conner, David MacKinnon, Mark Simpkins

More than just another rock band, Brandishing Steel is setting it's sights on something larger than themselves. Kevin Conner says, "the last thing the world needs is another band of self-serving musicians or Christians with a watered-down agenda. We come straight at you, without judgement, and without being ashamed. We're out to confront you and call you to true life. Music is our vehicle, truth is our weapon, and love is our message. Whether people accept our faith or not, we still love them all, just as they are. But make no mistake, we ARE out to get you."

Formed in late 2006, Brandishing Steel emerged onto the music scene out of Fredericksburg, Virginia and is already making an impact across the Mid-Atlantic region. Dont let the size of the band fool you Brandishing Steel brings a sound big enough to fill an arena! Kevin says, we pray before every show, whether we are in a Christian environment or not, that God will give us the ability to pour ourselves out completely on stage. We make a commitment to give everything we have to the audience, every single show

But the foundational element of Brandishing Steel is that David, Kevin and Mark are raging Christians. Kevin says, Without question, Jesus Christ is who we are living and playing for. We love to perform in the church and to lead worship, but we are just as comfortable in the street or in a smokey bar. We'll go anywhere and play for anyone and our message will be the same. In times like these, people are trying to make decisions about what is really important and worth living and dying for. We believe Jesus is that answer, and we use music to bring that message to those who are searching. We crank it up and try to connect with everyone in hopes that we can deliver the same message of hope that has captivated our hearts."

True to their name, Brandishing Steel seems to be looking for a fight. "We've met so many people who are damaged by depression, addiction, broken promises, false religion, self-destroying lifestyles, shattered dreams, and on and on. Our hearts break for them. We truly care about each and every one of them. And we are committed to break down any barrier to get to them and bring them home."

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  • HigherGrounds said:
    HELLO! Can't wait to hear the new CD. Feb 24
  • bassSolow said:
    Alright!!! Some songs are finally up. I\'m listening to \"Gunning for You\" right now and I\'m loving it. bassolow out... Dec 14
  • bassSolow said:
    Hey guys I was in the neighborhood and thought I\'d stop by to see how the demo recording is going. I can\'t wait to hear some full length versions of your songs. Dec 06
  • bassSolow said:
    Hey guys I was surfing around trying to find some new bands to listen to from VA. and I came across y\'alls page. I play bass currently for a band from Va. Beach. The band is called Hemotheory. The drummer (Jeff) and singer (Scott) for the band have a radio show that they try and put on once a month via podcast that features local christian artist. I invite you to check it out and think about maybe submitting some of your music to them for consideration for a future show. The name of there show is Hampton Roads Christian Musicians Unite (HRCMU) You can check out all the details at www.hrcmu.com Be sure to stop by the forums and check out some of the other bands that are listed there. You can also listen to any of the five shows they\'ve already done by clicking on one of the listen now buttons to get a taste of some of the different bands they have played. Hope all goes well with your demo recording. Godspeed, David Nov 14

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