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Ave40.com Launches Huge Range of E-Liquid Cigs

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Nov 9, 2014-China-So, what do you do when over one million individuals in the UK actively smoke electronic cigs? You make more e-cigs. Having adopted a similar mentality, Ave40.com has recently launched an extensive product lineup of e-liquid cigs, making an impressive entry into this competitive field in the process. - Vision Spinner Battery

The world of electronic cigs has changed extensively in the last six years. Originally developed by a Chinese chemist, the electronic cigs were introduced into the UK over three years after their global debut. As is typical with large consumer markets, however, UK citizens made up for lost time, developing an active user base of over one-million people. It is currently estimated that there are approximately 1.3 million e-cig users in the United Kingdom. For organizations that cater to this particular clientele group, business is booming.

The motivations behind Ave40.com�� recent moves are two-fold. Ave40.com is incorporating e-liquid cig sales into their business scheme in order to ensure that they are offering an appropriate amount of volume and differentiation for their clients. Each e-cig product provided by Ave40.com comes included with rebuildable dripping atomizer chargers and plugs, all of which also feature lifetime guarantees. Ave40.com has made it a point to ensure each customer leaving their e-cig vending platform feels completely satisfied. Because of this, in the event of a problem, customers are encouraged to contact Ave40.com and obtain a replacement product.

The current director of ave40.com recently described his business�� interaction with his customers, stating, ��We want to offer our customers the best range of products for the most competitive prices, allowing for a life-time guarantee on fees. We have one of the most extensive ranges of e-liquids and Mechanical MOD in the market, and with the growth in market share that we are attaining, customers are obviously sticking with our great range of products.�� That being said, in a competitive industry such as this, it��s interesting to see that the appeal of e-cigs is becoming ever more apparent by the day.

The growing social stigma against this type of product vending and usage may render successful commercial attempts stunted. Regardless, it��s almost expected that e-cig users around the country will strive to ensure that these products are not removed from the market place. Although legislation is currently being discussed in the EU to prohibit the sale of electronic cigs, many business owners will remain skeptical until such an event takes place.

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