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Bothan Spies


Genres: Alternative / Electronic / Other

Location: Deer Park, NY

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Members: Mike, Dana, Chrisarena

Bothan Spies is an original, avant-MIDI rock band from Long Island, New York. The music is distinctive for its complex harmonies, subtle off-timings, and conversations between guitar and piano. Everything is interpreted from a MIDI platform in Mike Calvet's mind where he is musically invincible, creating impossibly fast drum beats, physically unreachable chords, etc. The result is high-striving, unlikely compositions with the illusion of a super-human (dare we say, 'Jedi') touch.

"Bothan Spies has a sound that is all its own."
-Good Times Magazine

"Bothan Spies, passionate and driving, utilized fuzzy melodies, a mix of keyboard and guitar over electronic twists and turns, creating moody and atmospheric, yet danceable indie rock."
-Perpetual Toxins

Contact us for a copy of Mapmaking, our first EP released 2/25/07!

Comes in 4 slips, collect 'em all!

Please also visit our WEBSITE (temporarily defunct) and MYSPACE.

Thank you!



Mapmaking EP

Feb 26, 2007