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Born For Bliss

New album out now! "Between Living & Dreaming".


Genres: Alternative / Indie

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Album review in 'Reflections of Darkness' webzine
by Nataly Night
April 27 - 2010

The last album of Dutch formation BORN FOR BLISS was recorded almost a decade ago and then the band split up due to different kinds of problems yet the story was not over and finally long-awaited 'Between Living & Dreaming' made its way to the fans. BORN FOR BLISS was founded in 1994 and it deserved popularity among lovers of the first wave of gothic rock or new wave. But it should be said that the band's music also contains the echoes of clear dark wave, musical complexity typical for PINK FLOYD and melodic effects of pop rock.

The new release of the musicians first of all amazes with the plenitude of the sound and its completeness. The CD contains 15 tracks, four of which can be regarded as bonus material. Gentle, melodic gothic rock renews the atmosphere of the early 80's and immerses a listener into a shade of gothic clubs when dark wave was just arousing. It feels like we become witnesses of birth and development of new style which is hard to find now in its original form because of the intensive infusions of dark electro and industrial.

Maybe that's why it is so pleasant to listen to 'Between Living & Dreaming': live guitars, crystal piano passages, unobtrusive symphonic arrangements, rather diverse drums, deep heartfelt vocals and accessible lyrics make a listener forget of the reality at least for about 75 minutes however all the compositions are so impressive that could remain in one's memory much longer than that. BORN FOR BLISS created a peculiar work indeed which is worthy to listen to again and again.


Music: 10
Sound: 9
Extras: 9 (demos)
Total: 9.3 / 10



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1997; Born for Bliss, existing since 1994, awakes with the overwhelming "Flowing with the Flue". The roots of this fact are placed over a decade ago. In those times the dutch Born for Bliss-members Frank Weyzig and Willem van Antwerpen created thrilling sounds together with the still cultic (Clan of) Xymox. During the early, exiting period of this electronic-wave legend (mid till end of the 80s), Frank and Wim have been involved in this band. From this period result the first two Xymox albums which are still classic highlights.

Since 1995 the third member of Born for Bliss is Remco Helbers. He found his way to Born for Bliss via the Dreamside and Love Like Blood on stage. With his very own style of playing the Chapman Stick, Remco adds a special dimension to the Born for Bliss-sound. Together, this trio guarantees an ultimate seductive soundoutput which was proved impressively by their prereleased cd-single "Arabia" (for 'Nuclear Blast - Deathwish Office') in 1996. In the same year this single became an addicting clubhit and made it's way high into the German alternative charts. Those of you who have seen the band that year on their German tour know that Born for Bliss stands for an impressive live-show!

We're back in 1997. Now 'Flowing with the Flue' marks Born For Bliss' long desired longplay-debut. "With Impressive elegance the band produced a couple of fascenating pearls. The prickling melodic changes between melancholy and dynamic along with 80s charme and 90s-scenery will not only electrify all wave fans!". "The sounding potpourri impresses with original songwriting, interesting arrangements and charismatic vocals. Already in the first week after its release, 'Flowing with the Flue' entered high into the german alternative album-charts!"

In 1999, They finished the final recordings for their latest album "Between Living and Dreaming", mixed at the famous Impulse Tonstudio in Hamburg by J.P. Genkel, known for his work with 'Lacrimosa' and 'Cradle of Filth'. Soon after the final recordings of "Between Living and dreaming", the band disintegrated due problems with their former management and record label....

And yes, as you may know by now, the release for this album had to wait until 2010. That's when Frank Weyzig gave the band a new birth with a fresh release on German label ECHOZONE....

For next year more plans are being unfold to release a new album and to do live gigs again...




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Mar 05, 1997


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Jun 07, 1994


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