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Bop Skizzum

Bop Skizzum Comeback Show Dec. 26th 2009 in Denver


Genres: Funk / Rock / Soul

Location: Denver, CO

Stats: 131 fans / 17,394 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: The Core = Andy "ROK" Guerrero - vocals, Guitar/Serafin Sanchez - Tenor Saxophone, Keyboards/Erin Jo Harris - Vocals

Bop Skizzum has a problem. The band just can't commit. What is this soulful music the band plays? Is it funk? Is it rock? There are horns. Bad-ass horns. Does that make it jazz, or funk, or funk-jazz, or jazz-rock? And what about those fat guitar chords and that cheeky glint in the players' eyes? Can a band love Tower of Power as much as it loves Weezer? And does it really matter if all the music makes you want to do is dance?

A roaming funk party led by an ever-changing tribe of high-precision musicians, Bop Skizzum is out to prove a simple equation: That great funk music rocks, and that great rock music is supremely funky.

Founded by frontman/guitarist Andy Guerrero in 2000, Bop Skizzum has elevated audiences with a joyfully musical amalgam of R&B, funk and good old-fashioned guitar rock. Sharing stages with heroes including Fishbone, G. Love, Flogging Molly, Long Beach Dub All Stars and George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic. In 2005, Bop Skizzum released an EP, Propeller, which nicely captured the booty-shaking power of its live show. The band was twice nominated as Best Funk/Soul/Groove band by Westword in Denver.

In 2007, the Skizzum went on hiatus when Guerrero, also known as AndyRok, became a full-time Flobot. Guerrero and the Flobots toured the country and Europe and released a mega-hit song ("Handlebars," which has registered ten million downloads on iTunes) and a platinum-selling record. In addition to clowning around with Conan O'Brien and rockin' Jay Leno, Guerrero was invited to join the Recording Industry Academy of America's Download Interactive Advisory board, alongside Kanye West, Kelly Clarkson and Earth, Wind & Fire. Guerrero is a founding member of the Board of Directors for Flobots.org, a non-profit organization started by the Flobots.

Yet the call of the Skizzum never ceased, which is why Guerrero, Sanchez, and new vocalist Erin Jo Harris have reformed Bop Skizzum for the first time in over a year. Sensing a growing funk deficiency in Denver, the band has been writing up a storm, polishing its chops and preparing to infuse the city with a serious dose of Vitamin F.

Skizzum Comeback Show 12.26.09


  • Evan said:
    you guys are amazing! i subscribed to PV just to favorite you guys. our generation needs some good funky music like this that still really rocks. keep up the good work and if you ever need an excuse to go to hawaii, i can tell you that you guys have a considerable fan base here. keep it real :) Mar 31
  • Trey said:
    You guys sound like funk to me and thats what makes you guys tight. You guys obviously know how to hold it down. My friend Eli told me to check you guys out and he wasnt wrong, ya'll are sick. Hope you guys can one day travel to Wichita, KS... KEEP IT UP Jul 23
  • Soelman said:
    You guys are Great! I listen to you guys all the time. I love your style. Rock groups now a days lack soul, and you guys have plenty of that, so keep it up! Jul 02
  • castillo07 said:
    Good stuff like your style I dig it:) try sliden those vocals a bit more overall funkadelic you guys know what your doin. awesome bass. clean crisp together id call you skunk blues with a dash of cumbia nice keep it up- much love micah Dec 20
  • flicko7769 said:
    you guys are the shit I like it instantly even the lyrics hell ya funk is the way to go Nov 15
  • Kileigh said:
    Not sure if tags work on PureVolume. Hope so. If not, sorry for the spam! Yes, I love you and have no life. Cheers! Oct 18
  • anonymousXidentity said:
    loooove the music :) you should definitely come to New York, itd be awesome Oct 14
  • prostheticheart said:
    wow you guys are AWESOME! I wanna see you guys live, I\'m in Parker Colorado. details on upcoming shows? msn - icy1611@hotmail.com Aug 30
  • said:
    Love it Jun 23
  • Flamefist said:
    u guys rock my funky socks. May 25
  • Flamefist said:
    when are you guys puttin out a CD? I would love to show all my friends how awsomne you are! May 25
  • Flamefist said:
    you guys have turly filled the viod in my life with your rockin funky music. Thank you so much May 25
  • moneyduckeamon said:
    keep on funkin\' guys cos funk is the true music!!!!!!!! Apr 22
  • Kileigh said:
    You guys never cease to amaze, that show was kickin.\' Peace! Apr 15
  • Kileigh said:
    Hey, you guys were at the City Park Arts Festival last year in Denver, yeah? You six are brilliant, and I adore your unique sound. I\'ve been shamelessly pimping you to my friends, so...yeah! I\'ll be at your show at The Oriental! Apr 14

Push E.P.

May 03, 2010

Propeller EP

Oct 28, 2005

Waiting For L.P.

Apr 28, 2004


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