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Bombs Away


Genres: Pop Punk / Christian / Post Hardcore

Location: Christiana, DE

Stats: 181 fans / 44,369 plays / 0 plays today


Members: Dave, Mark, Shawn, Jesse, Brandon

The roots of Bombs Away can be traced back to the defunct punk rock trio Burnout. It was this band that laid the foundation for what you see today. Fronted by Mac Brown(Vocals, Guitar) aka Mac3 along side cousin Shawn Fagan(Vocals, Bass) and Ryan Williams(Drums), this band of teenagers started their musical careers. Armed with a basement demo they took to the scene and played show after show quickly gaining a tightly nit group of fans and friends. As the band members grew so did their individual tastes in music. In 2001 Ryan left the band to pursue other interests. With their newly evolved tastes they began the search for a second guitarist and new drummer. Dave Hepner a close friend was quickly added to the lineup, a perfect fit for the spot. The search was on, a drummer was harder to come by then they had thought. Then one night while a passing out "Drummer Wanted" fliers at the local mall they met Mark Hudson. Standing before them wearing a Iron Maiden t-shirt he wasn't a likely match, but he was a cool guy... it's the personality that counts right? The next practice they auditioned him, his unique take on their music and his blend of genres was just what they needed. With two new members and a more diverse sound they decided to change their name. The credit for the name Bombs Away goes to Mac, although not everyone liked the name at first it grew and they made if official. Back on the scene again they booked, played and wrote new music. The chemistry between the members shone through their music when they played. Together, they wrote catchy lyrics and music that brought old fans and new listeners to their feet. Off stage, they were like four brothers playing in a band together. Later that year they took to the studio to record their debut album "Aging, Death, Recovery" with cash they had scraped together. Playing along side of the bands who had inspired them, they release ADR to a sold out crowd, it was a show for the history books. It was time for another cd. Mac had come up with an idea for a album of songs that were short stories based on real life experiences. As songs completed the writing phase they took to the studio. Unfortunately much of that project never made it out. On Tuesday 4th October 2005 what had grown to be the Bombs Away family lost a member, guitarist Mac Brown had passed away a the young age of 19. The band took some time to grieve and for the first time they contemplated calling it quits. The truth of it was Bombs Away wouldn't ever be Bombs Away without Mac. Their grief was met with overwhelming support by fans, friends, fellow musicians and complete strangers. They began to see Mac everywhere, their music, fans, friends and themselves but more then anything the dream of being professional musicians that had been called into question. It was decided that the dream would go on and they began auditioning close friends. Jesse Patton-Dougherty was chosen as Bombs Aways new guitarist. A few short months later they were back on the music scene and with more drive and purpose then ever. With such a dramatic change it was decided to scrap most of the un-finished untitled album and return to the studio for another album. Strapped for cash and eager to to move on it was decieded to record with a friend. They soon learned why doing business with friends isn't always the best idea. Over a thousand hours of recording split up between weekend and late night recording session was poored into a new album project. The band decided to keep a few partially completed tracks from the previous project in order to make Mac a part of the new cd. This proved more difficult and time consuming then they had ever imagined. Hundreds more hours were put into editing and tweaking the scratch tracks and rough takes to make them up to par with the rest of the cd. Deadline after deadline was missed for the release and the bands funds were exhausted. The long over due project was finally released the beginning on 2007. Over that year the band worked hard traveling, playing shows and furthering themselves in the music business. In January 2008 Bombs Away signed to Hardcore Marketing a division of HM|Live. They are currently working hard to take things to the next step. No official announcements as of yet, but big things are on the way.


  • ExesAndOhs3773 said:
    "Rhyme Abomination" is effin awesome. Loved you guys way back when, love ya now. Keep it up, you are amazing. Aug 08
  • JerriMortis said:
    amazing. Mar 11
  • ToTheMAX said:
    It\'s been over a year... I still miss Mac and I still love you guys. :) Thank you for such amazing music, it\'s helped me through so much. Oct 16
  • OMGGdanceparty said:
    I LOVE BOMBS AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GUYS ROCK MY SOCKS!!!!!!!!!!! Jun 25
  • ToTheMAX said:
    :D Yay for new shows but curses to my current location! If you\'re ever in Georgia.... Jun 24
  • altrockisreal said:
    You guys rock. Hey, good luck with your new guitarist, he seems pretty chill! Keep going, you\'re amazing! Mar 15
  • Heiswithus said:
    Miss seeing you guys at shows. I miss mac too. But I trust that jesse is a worthy stand in. I say stand in becase im waiting for the reunion show in the clouds. Good Luck and I\'m sure you\'ll kick ass on friday. Peace. Jan 18
  • ToTheMAX said:
    I am so glad you guys are sticking together. I\'ll miss Mac of course (everyone will!) but your music is so important too. I love you guys and I am SO happy that you\'re going to continue to make music. Jan 12
  • ToTheMAX said:
    I LUFF YOU!!! Dec 27
  • ox that girl said:
    Add Comment here... Dec 12

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