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Genres: Pop Punk / Indie

Location: Bandung, Indonesia

Stats: 93 fans / 3,152 plays / 80 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Elky Andika, Danis Akbars, Caraka Utama, Yanuar Gery, Septian Dharmawan

click the image to download our latest EP "Anything You've Been Through"

THE STORY SO FAR : okay it was in the middle of 2007. the sun was shining so fucking bright. but suddenly there's a stupid boy with stupid idea. creating stupid band with stupid member. wait there's too much 'stupid' word you stupid writer.. ok then our first member SEPTIAN DHARMAWAN aka CEPLOK as a drummer or.. stupid drummer was inviting YANUAR GERY PRAYUDA aka NCRET as a stupid guitar rhytm. he was sooo into tom delonge that day. today? hmm.. what should we call it? labil haha. but really thomas matthew delonge is his big influence until now. and for filling bass notes they were inviting CARAKA UTAMA aka AKAY to play stupid bass! now i really mean this stupid word.. because he was really stupid to taking care this 4 strings baby doll. then here comes more stupid idea. inviting a junior highschool boy to a band to play keys and synth.. and tadaaaa there was their first formation in the band. the first and last stage on 2007 was in the independence day in our neighbor. or maybe we should say it band tujuhbelasan haha. they were covering tergila by rocket rockers that day. they had no movements in that year. a year later.. come another independence day and another independence stage. it was their time to hit the stage again. but.. this year they were inviting a boy to fill the position of lead vocal.. yes this cute smart and charming boy (i wont say stupid vocal because im the one who write this down) and what? this boy has a beautiful voice and charming look hahaha it's me! ELKY ANDIKA aka KREMI as lead vocal! haha okay next.. we thought something was still missing that day.. someone who can do some rainy and falling lick guitar haha so we were inviting DANIS AKBAR aka ATHENK to take this position.. congratulations my bro you were very lucky had been invited by us. because if you're not. you'll still with your lame ass pop band who played stupid sad song with tears and stupid 'galau' thing. haha. in 2008 a lot of movements that we have been made. scoring some gigs, college and highschool party, even a stupid studio show haha. in 2009 we have released a lame ass demo that have 6 songs to be heard. hmm i think its worth if you listen to our demo even it never get through in any audition. until now.. haha. in 2010 we will release our very first EP but i'd like to keep it as a secret when it will release. whether you wait for it or not.. i dont care haha. and now here we are! growing and growing as our ass is getting older and our enemies are getting hater as our butt is become bitchier. haha!

WHY YOU SHOULD KNOW EM : as you know.. we came from six different personalities, six different influences, six different moms and dads, six different houses and six different girlfriends. so.. i dont have any idea what our musics gonna heard. i only can say its cool, its different and we are nobody haters (except one enemy) haha just kidding..





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