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Search Engine Optimization Albuquerque

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Hey, how`s it going? I wish to talk to you here real quick about Albuquerque Seo. Now why does that matter? Who am I? I'm Mike LeMoine, and I`m one of the owners at Maverick Web Marketing. At Maverick, the reason it matters is we`re a local company. So I know that as a local business owner you receive called six, seven, eight times a week by those who are prepared to assist you with your Albuquerque seo for your business, and both you and I understand that everyone promises the planet and they`re willing to take your hard earned money, however can they really deliver when it matters? If I`m calling yourself on the telephone and I`m not in the local area, well it`s quite simple that i can just disappear and take your money. It matters that you know Maverick`s local because I wanted to whenever we started this company bring honest, ethical results to local businesses, particularly those here in Albuquerque who are looking for search engine optimization. So I wanted to expose you to Maverick, I just want to speak to you actually quickly about why seo for your local company is a great idea to you. Now we all know each one of these others are just like maybe beneficial, of course it`s beneficial. Actually there are some times in local marketing where seo isn't beneficial, and let me tell you one of them that I can think of right off the top of my head. For those who have negative online reviews, and you decide you`re going to optimize your company to obtain found by everybody, all you`re doing is highlighting your company to exhibit all those negative reviews. So that`s something you may want to think about before you do SEO. When else is SEO bad or Albuquerque search engine optimization, when else is it not good for your business?

Search Engine Optimization Albuquerque

Well, if your business doesn`t have a very good website. If you achieve ranked at the top of Google and you send all of this traffic there, as well as your website doesn`t convert, that`s not likely to assist you to. It will help google company, yeah, since they're making money. But ultimately it doesn`t assist you to because the company you hire is an expense instead of a good investment. You realize, I understand local company owners don`t necessarily look at all of these things. That`s one of the things that us at Maverick we all do, is we don`t just take a look at where you ranked in the search engines, we glance at the whole marketing program because everything blends with. Therefore we need to make sure that all of the pieces are working together before we help you with your research engine optimization because the worst disservice I'm able to caused by you like a local business is to buy you ranked number 1 after which not help you capture that traffic, not assist you to convert that traffic, and ultimately not help you turn that traffic into money. That`s a disservice for you. So I want to just let you know that there`s a lot of reasons you ought to be taking a look at search engine optimization. There`s also a lot of things you have to consider prior to actually making that dive, and so that`s what we do at Maverick, is again, we`re a local company, get to come have coffee around face to face. We`re at San Mateo and Academy. Really, we help you understand your online marketing and help you put together plans and assist you to implement in which you want help and help guide to you where you don`t. And so i wish to introduce you to Maverick and let you know we do do seo, but we do it the proper way, and that we focus on really what can help you. I've got a ton of free videos I`d prefer to offer you. We put together a lot of training because I consider ourselves an academic company that helps businesses implement instead of an implementation company, therefore we do a lot of training around the stuff that we`re learning that helps local businesses. Again, Mike from Maverick Internet marketing. I`ll help you soon. Take care.

Posted Sep 01, 2012 at 4:35am