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Diablo 3 daring

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Diablo 3 is an fighting role-playing game - with the emphasis firmly on fighting. You'd get that, of course, from the murderous riot on the screen, the boom and burst from the sound system and the showboating skills of its five astonishing playable character. You'd get it from its two predecessors, in which you hand-cranked your characters through near-limitless levelling with furious clicks of the mouse.

The action bias delves deeper yet, though. Game director Jay Wilson and his team have taken massive, stripping the game's role-playing systems to the bone in a series of pitiless cuts that lasted into the conclusive months of development. Their bosses have taken even larger risks, requiring an internet connection to play and introducing an auction house that allows players to trade items for real money (which isn't online yet).

The result is an incredible experience that finds, in Diablo, the link between two portals you never thought you'd see reconciled. On the one hand, it channels the senseless thrill of the arcade, reconnecting dungeon-crawling with Atari's 1985 classic Gauntlet as well as the furious spectacle of modern greats like Geometry Wars. On the other, it hugs the customisation, connection, macroeconomics and long, long, long-form progression of massively multiplayer online games - including World of Warcraft, of course, but also more radical player economies like CCP's Eve Online and as always players will be purchasing d3 gold or diablo 3 gold


Posted Jul 26, 2012 at 1:38pm