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Genres: Alternative / Soul / Rock

Location: Woodland Hills, CA

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Members: Zak Stucchi, Nicolas Fronti, Jake Koops, Philip Bloom, John Chong

2006 marked the birth of one of the City of Angels' most promising bands. Blueskyreality emits an eclectic alternative acoustic sound that can be matched with the likes of Maroon 5 and John Mayor, and rock equally as hard as influences, Taking Back Sunday and Incubus.

BSR's four youthful and exuberant members are: Zak Stucchi, 23(lead vocals); Nick Fronti, 24 (guitar); Jake Koops, 23(guitar); John Chong, 22(drums); Phil Bloom, 22(bass). Originally comprised of the two guitarists and lead vocalist, the band quickly took on two new members, transforming the once-trio into a full-fledged rock band with aspirations toward recording and live shows. Through meticulous practice and a constant drive for perfection, has the band arrived at their current level of professionalism. Relentless self-recording and production have given Blueskyreality a broad-based library of songs, each exuding the band's refined Sound.

Promotional mediums, such as select internet radio stations (iChannel Radio) and purevolume, work well for an impassioned Blueskyreality, and allow fans, personally, to interact with each individual member of the band. Their swelling national (and international!) following is growing daily, creating a buzz the guys promise to live up to AND surpass!

Dedicated musicians, the members of Blueskyreality are fast-pacing themselves for a long and evolutionary life in The Industry, assuring never to lose sight of their found feeling and sound. (Eitan Davis)
For booking or questions: blueskyreality@gmail.com or Myspace us!

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  • WintersCurse said:
    You guys rock would love to hear some new songs though Feb 27
  • . a kiss from mee (: ! said:
    Put your songs on youtube!!! they're all amazing~ Jun 03
  • Jenna LeeAnn said:
    Gosh. I love the song 'Believe'. I just can't get enough of it :) Jan 26
  • Kaitlyn said:
    original! Nov 27
  • Samantha said:
    I love you guys! Where can I get the song Candles? Its my favorite song and I can't find it anywhere!?!! Nov 22
  • Snuggleblade said:
    Free Song Downloads @ purevolume.com/snuggleblade Sep 08
  • Skyler said:
    You guys were seriously birthed with awesome. No lie. I think you should add your acoustic version of "Lovers or Friends." I could listen to that song all day. (Which, I've done before) Jul 03
  • .alice. said:
    wow.. didn't expect you to be THIS GOOD. really I like your music a damn lot Jun 20
  • emily said:
    im pretty sure most of your songs are on my top 25 most played list C= May 16
  • Trista.Makes.Dirty.Words.Sound.Pretty said:
    ahh i love you guys :) you have an amazing voice. i love all your songs. Apr 23
  • Jenna said:
    You guys are the beez neez! Mar 20
  • Cherry Cat said:
    dang. where have you guys been? you guys are awesome!!!! Mar 20
  • Bona said:
    wow. I am in love. Mar 03
  • said:
    You guys are great! :) I love your voice :) It makes me happy :) Feb 17
  • Kelly. said:
    beautiful. Dec 30


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