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Released Mar 24, 2009

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Comments (58)

  • Bexx said:
    post "say it" please. Oct 29
  • Kari said:
    I agree, they combined some newer sounds with some older sounds and made yet another great album! Jul 29
  • Christine Hajovsky said:
    a different side of blue october along with their "usual" stuff - if that exists! Very refreshing and a great album. Jul 29
  • samantha said:
    love this album. no matter how you are feelling it have at least one song that will fit you perfectly! Jul 28
  • CrimsonRegret said:
    Awesome album! total package of emotions all wrapped into one! A must buy! You will not be disappointed! BLUE OCTOBER is the best! Jul 24
  • Manda said:
    LOVE THE ALBUM!!!!! its inspiring when you have a bad day and dirt room and graceful dancing are my favorites!!! Jul 23
  • Ashley said:
    Great stuff, but definitely wouldn't expect anything less from them! Jul 17
  • brittnee said:
    This album... wow how can I explain. Well this album inspires me so much that everything will be okay in my life when it's all crappy. Jump Rope is one of the most encouraging songs I have ever heard. Jul 16
  • Jana said:
    a brilliant album! love it!! Jul 16
  • adrianstar said:
    Awesome album...no matter what you are feeling, there is a song for it. Jul 15
  • Carol Lee said:
    This is a great album! Listening to the whole album in one sitting takes me through an emotional rollercoaster... from the anger and vengeance of "Dirt Room" to the sadness and regret of "My Never" to the optimism of "Jumprope". It is hard for me to even say what my favorite song is because they are all so good, but I guess I would have to say "Kangaroo Cry". Jul 14
  • Katalina said:
    I love it!!!! One of Their best....so far. Jul 12
  • Magz said:
    This album is great!!! There is so much emotion in it. Jul 12
  • Jodyism said:
    I like how the bands music is getting simplier, I like that there is more violin. It is a great, well rounded cd. It has a song for every mood I am in! I think it is a must!! Jul 11
  • MJ said:
    This is a great album...a must have for any Blue fan Jul 10