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Blue Albatross

chromakey dreamcoat


Genres: Ambient / Indie / Pop

Location: Indonesia

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Members: Rendi Pahlefi

hello! nice to meet ya all.
let me introducing myself for a while.
i am one of those 'crackpot' spread all over the earth.
i love music, travelling, networking and daydreaming.
i'm the who creating that Tunes, actually you can seeing in on my page.
i live like i do, all i have is borrowed.
thanks for "GOD" the truly inspiration has lend me anything idea.
i'm a enjoyable guy who can't get enough of sleep, shy person, toys addict and quiet talkative.
i'm enjoying all tunes i have created now, but i'm still learning more cos i'm realize i am an bad rookie.
i've got many inspiration from our Earth we lived by.
thanks for visitors who just visiting or listening my songs.
i'm very grateful can met all people like you. keep in touch!.
i reply all message and comments. just poke me and let's start to making a lovely conversation :-).


  • Survivethenight! said:
    your pretty good :) can use some work, but its good, btw i wish i could make an awesome logo thing like you made Feb 17

Up Cargo Airship

Jun 05, 2010


No release date