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Bloodline Riot


Genres: Rock / Metal

Location: Detroit, MI

Stats: 2 fans / 68 plays / 4 plays today






Formed by Jason Caine (Konniption Fit, 60 Second Crush), Amber Cat (Konniption Fit), Matt Marriott (Dryvel) & Michael Hughes (Seasons of Eden, Clear) in 2011 to release their heavier inner demons.

Bloodline Riot is the collaborative effort of several Detroit-based musicians with the goal of creating the ultimate super band. Forging high-energy, fast-paced Rock with killer live performances, Bloodline Riot weaves aggressive yet melodic songwriting balanced by a precise execution of musicianship to create a sound that could be comparable to many of today's top Rock bands, yet has a sound that is uniquely their own.

Featuring the powerhouse vocalist, Michael Hughes, (formerly of the well-known & popular bands, Seasons of Eden & Clear), Mike hits you full throttle with memorable melodies, punctuated by meaningful lyrics & soaring vocals that will be burning in your brain. A true singer's singer, Mike is capable of a full range of diversity, adding depth, balance & character through his unique vision & songwriting.

On Guitar is Jason Caine, from the bands Konniption Fit & formerly of 60 Second Crush. Jason, (a 2011 top 5 Detroit Music Awards nominee for Outstanding Instrumentalist & Songwriter) contributes to Bloodline Riot with his unique style of groove-laden riffs countered by tastefully written shred-inspired leads & high-intensity live performances.

Amber Cat (of the well-known 2011 Detroit Music Awards nominated Pop Punk band, Konniption Fit) is Bloodline Riot's Rock Bass vixen. Not just a pretty face, Amber (endorsed by Zon Bass) symbiotically interacts tastefully between the guitar & drums to create a space & style all her own, filled with punctuating bass accents & melodic counter-melodies.

Matt Marriott (of the Punk-inspired band Dryvel) adds fuel to the fire with his high-octane style of aggressive & articulate drumming. A true powerhouse of drumming thunder, Matt is like a fine-tuned machine, capable of full throttle thrashing to tasteful percussion accents & breaks. His live performance is one to truly behold.

Combining their individual influences & styles, Bloodline Riot is a Rock n Roll machine, set to overload & on a mission to set the world on fire. Come hitch a ride for the thrill ride of your life...



"Burn" Singles

Jun 01, 2011

Hernesto Martins

Sao Paulo, Brazil


Burtonsville, MD

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