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  • Cody Cloud said:
    Hey there, I heard you on Ear Candy NY so I looked you up. The only reason that I created an account on this site was to tell you that you are AMAZING!! Kudos to you and keep rockin it! Mar 16
  • IntoTheMystic said:
    Don't miss the Blip Blip Bleep track "Okay Lover" featured in Episode 3 of "Life in Reverse" airing tonight at 10:00pm (MST). Follow the link to watch! http://thirdstorm.tv/life-in-reverse/ Nov 29
  • andrew manly said:
    Hi I have added your songs to my play list they are nice keep up the good work, please let me know your facebook,myspace accounts link i want to add you there you can also add me on www.partyave.com/andrew , facebook.com/andrewnewyork. Jul 28
  • OH!ItsKathryn [ROTR] said:
    very refreshing music! totally different than most electronica out there. I love it! Jul 11
  • The Obscurity said:
    put up free stuff! Jul 10
  • Trust:Unlike:You: said:
    i say refreshing!! Jul 07
  • Giovanni Putra said:
    please check my band.. GIRLS GOT RHYTHM.. purevolume.com/GirlsGotRhythm thanks guys! :) Jul 04
  • justo said:
    if your into indie/acoustic music check out my tunes @ www.purevolume.com/justobell. free downloads!! would appreciate any comments!! Jul 04
  • willshellz said:
    You guys are pretty good! like good music? how do my mashups compare? (new mashups and remixes now up!!!) purevolume.com/sandboxczar Jul 03
  • Nolan said:
    The artwork for "Like Track Stars" makes me think you guys are /B/tards. Would I be right in assuming this? Jul 03
  • Survivethenight! said:
    heyy, im a solo artist, and it would be awesome if you could check out my page, you just might fall in love with my music, so give it a shot! comments are great :D thnxx so much!http://purevolume.com/survivethenight62836 http://purevolume.com/survivethenight62836 Jul 03
  • Wafinosaur said:
    omygawsh...total sweetaciousness...Fandibulous musik!! n_n Jul 02
  • ohhh-some! said:
    im now in love with you guys! the girl is so gorgeous! btw to all the fans out there pls respond to my survey choose your fave band between RELIENT K AND SKYHAWK DRIVE and tnx so much! Jul 02
  • Dita said:
    hey, check out my side project called Crown Ether at http://purevolume.com/CrownEther, thanks! May 06
  • lovablelies said:
    Hey, What's up? Apr 22
  • Deadman_Living said:
    i like this! Feb 21
  • Wait10Minutes said:
    cool sound =) Aug 12
  • abbeyrose said:
    i love this!! Jun 26
  • faded memories said:
    ctrl-alt-DELETE THIS SONG!!lol jus kidding i love it!!! May 01
  • Cygent said:
    I agree with Mat, you really should come to Ohio, particularly Cincinnati. Absolutely awesome music. Apr 22