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Released Apr 10, 2007

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Comments (26)

  • xX@!AbRaHm!@xX said:
    craig is better but beau isnt bad Oct 25
  • Tiffani Hsiao said:
    you guys are amazing(: Jun 02
  • Brittany said:
    i love this song May 30
  • Chris Luna said:
    i need this album!!! craig is the bomb! May 28
  • C. RIOT! said:
    i love u guys my friend mikey told me bout u guys i liked ur music from the start but i miss craig with being in btf May 19
  • L@N3N@ said:
    love this son and me wuves you too!!!!hehe May 12
  • ilisha_Henio said:
    this songs is awesome and the band is cool too !!!!!!!!!!!! they rock my rock my world alot! :D Jan 15
  • mark said:
    where covering your songs dude!! Oct 12
  • RJwb said:
    this was when craig was true but now he isnt i mean he saved etf adn they are ok but i like ronnie alot alot more because craig became a poser and i wish that etf would have broken up to see max crash and burn Jun 16
  • Ryan :) said:
    i have cd at my house Dec 18
  • Ryan :) said:
    i have this at my house Dec 18
  • toxic_rainbow_in_my_pants said:
    ^_^ guys like you make us look bad is just amazing! LOVE EHT! && i luff u guys Jun 17
  • Dani. ™ said:
    this isn't in stores yet, huh? damn, because i've been looking EVERYWHERE for it, and i just can't find it. i would DIE for this cd, for reallll. i lovelovelove you guysssss! Jun 16
    Apr 21
  • chad said:
    i love this group.......... idol... Mar 27