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  • Sean Bell said:
    Wooowwwww.... Keep it up.. Oct 13
  • falloutboyfan43078 said:
    hey, what happens? Apr 22
  • JJKJE said:
    i like your music man plz check out http://www.purevolume.com/darkloud and tell us what you think. If you like it become a fan if not well its worth a shot Apr 15
  • AprilSays said:
    Hey, I'm April. I recently started writing my own music on guitar. You can check it out at www.purevolume.com/heyapril Thanks! Nov 03
  • Snuggleblade said:
    purevolume.com/snuggleblade Oct 10
  • Tayzia said:
  • Reverence said:
    i come to your page everyday just hoping you might have something new. when i get here i'm always disappointed. but i end up staying on here just to listen to all your songs again. Jul 23
  • Linnea said:
    amazing music i love your voice a lot :] Jul 18
  • Crystal said:
    Wow...love the music! May 03
  • GarrettSullivan said:
    Hey guys, I checked out your \"two legs\" video and thought it was brilliant! If you\'re looking for places to share it, Grouper is launching a video music magazine this summer called Sound Check where indie bands and fans can upload and share their music videos, EPK%u2019s, backstage moments, and live shows! Check it out: http://www.grouper.com/outreach/soundcheck Jun 21
  • MourningGirl said:
    Add Comment here... Mar 17
  • citygurl6 said:
    Add Comment here... Jan 17
  • corynn i e said:
    wow seems like all the bands from Washington are amazing. awsome music. come to CT Oct 13
  • babigl said:
    so incredible, I liked :) Oct 07
  • rach ael said:
    i seriously love you guys. show at ground zero was amazing. looking forward to october 6th Sep 17
  • UhmxImxJoey said:
    amazing? mhum. :] so much more than amazing. [joie] Sep 11
  • UhmxImxJoey said:
    amazing? mhum. :] so much more than amazing. [joie] Sep 11
  • thistime_imperfect said:
    hey, you guys are great, congrats on the video. awesome Sep 04
  • innocent_sheep said:
    Haha...Everett...go Silvertips. Great music, didn\'t think I\'d like you. You should come up to Canada. Sep 01
  • sicoracle said:
    Add Comment here... Jul 28