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Happybidday Reviews

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Happy Bid Day Penny Auction Profile: Review, Bid Prices, Promos
Happy Bid Day penny auctions (www.Happybidday.com) are easily one of the fastest growing sites of it’s kind out there. Whether you are familiar with penny auctions or not, this will be an informative review about Happy Bid Day.
Happy Bid Day Review: Items

Happy Bid Day Reviews

The first thing that you will notice about Happy Bid Day penny auctions is that they have a superb item selection, especially when it comes to in-demand items that sometimes are hard to get in stores (sold out, etc.).

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Happybidday Review: Bonus Codes Info

Use the bonus code HAPPYHOLIDAY in order to get the maximum bonus – 20% off, 50 Free bids and a possible additional surprise bonus. This is the best code out right now, and when they update their new one, and every time they update it, we will reflect that here on this page. We remain in close contact with the site in order to get fresh Happy Bid Day bonus codes.
Refer A Friend: If you refer your friends after you have already signed up a real money account for yourself and made bids, you can get 30 free bids just for referring your paying friend.

Countries: As of right now, Happy Bid Day only accepts members from the United States .They are looking into other countries as the site expand.
Happy Bid Day Tips

While there are obviously lots of factors involved in how to actually win at Happy Bid Day, a little strategy going in doesn’t hurt. The best Happy Bid Day strategy would be to do your homework and watch similar auctions to the ones that you want to win, before you even place your first bid. Also always go for the biggest bid pack on your initial purchase, because you will be able to outlast all the people who didn’t. You can also get bids for cheaper the more volume that you buy, and on Happy Bid Day and other penny auction sites. That is another thing to keep in mind when it comes to strategy. Finally, unless you are a power bidder, do not try to “tag” your auctions, because nobody will listen to you. It is more important to be patient and strike when the iron is hot, and your competition has already used up their bids/personal limit for that auction.

Penny Auction free bids

As you can obviously tell, Happy Bid Day has a lot of things going for them. They are clearly at the top of their game and continue to grow every day. HBD is one of the few penny auction sites that consistently get good reviews from just about everyone. It must have something to do with the care that they give to each customer, and the VIP treatment given even to the smallest of shoppers. If you haven’t tried this one out yet, then you really should right now, it’s a winner.

Posted May 11, 2012 at 9:15am