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Lorde - Royals Video

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Lorde Royals video seems to be the greatest video online today! Every site you go to, individuals are sharing and commenting about this video. Whether or not you prefer what she's singing about or otherwise not, you've got to confess, that beat is dope! Look it over!

Lorde Royals Black Pope Pop Music

What you think? Yay or nay?

Personally, I don't look after what she's saying in her own lyrics.......but hey, she has the freedom of speech to express herself.

Lorde - Royals | Black Pope Version

After hearing the lyrics to Lorde Royals, Black Pope was motivated to write his own sort of the new track. Instead of dissing people and letting them know they are going to not be Royal, Black Pope is hear to permit the folks know: WE BEEN ROYAL!

Lorde Royals Black Pope Pop Music


Lyrics to the chorus:

Girl you know we been royal

Warrior runs in our blood

How the hell you say it's luck

I only buzz off the Kush

Baby I'm your ruler

You can call me B.P. (Black Pope)

Baby I rule, right now in reality

Lorde - Royals | B.O.C Compilation Album Mixed Genre

 Lorde - Royals (B.P. Version), combined with other tracks from the B.O.C Compilation Album, is an experience the first is going to want to experience OVER & Once more!

From being "Mollified" to "Juggin" to "I Just Wanna Love", You'll leave behind the B.O.C Compilation Album attempting to B.O.C (Ball Out of Control)!

Now GO & BUY "Lorde Royals" (B.P. Version) NOW & Ball Unmanageable!

Leave your comments below sharing your experience with "Lorde Royals"!


Posted Aug 05, 2014 at 12:48am