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Black Forest


Genres: Folk Rock / Alternative / Indie

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

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Members: Pat, Zach, Kevin, Dave

Hey everyone, especially those who have come to Beecher's in Zelienople the past two weeks. Both charity events were successful and we salute your philanthropy.

The next two shows are big for us, and we'd appreciate it if you could make either. The first is at 9:00 at Mr. Smalls in Millvale. We have tickets for twelve dollars but if you come you get into our amazing Saturday show for free. Check out the emergenza site for details on other bands;its a battle of the bands arangement and we will be playing a couple new songs.

Saturday is a show on Penn Avenue at a great venue calld Modern Formations. Check out www.modernformations.com for directions. There will be student art by artists such as Dave Rocco (you might know him if you're on this site), myself, Zack Funk, Blake Sieminski, Dustin Mills, and possibly a few others. Also, Stacy Kline and Johnny Thunder will be joining us, and if you haven't heard them lately, they are pretty damn good. Lastly, there will be films projected which promise to entertain. It's a three dollar cover charge but if you mention purevolume i'll let you in free.


Zach Piso

Black Forest

Thanks to everyone who checks out the site. If you have an questions or thoughts about our music, definetely send me (Zach) a line at whoisjohngalt444 (AIM)

If interested in playing any shows with us or need a band, try my (Zach - Guitarist) cell at 724 816 3765 or email us at blackforestrock@yahoo.com


  • rarrdinosaurr said:
    I live like 10 mins away from zelienople. ha I could come see yins. Feb 08


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