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Black Days of January

CD Release Show at Tremont Music Hall Apr. 22nd!


Genres: Alternative / Metal

Location: Doolie, NC

Stats: 59 fans / 722 plays / 14 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Kyle, Dex, Brad, John, DJ


Black Days Of January is an up and coming local band from the Charlotte area. Our high energy shows, and on stage antics are second to none. The band's raw riffs and screaming solos can only be supported by complex rhythms and incredible lows. Clearly unlike anything. Definitely Metal.

-Black Days Of January


  • xox said:
    I see no likeness to Asking Alexandria. I think you guys are by far better. Sep 06
  • coletteyspaghetti_x said:
    I like the lyrics. Its just a shame metals not my thing. Aug 03
  • Wetlushrei said:
    The first song reminded me of asking alexandria for some reason. Touche' you guys sound good! Jul 25
  • FuneralofHearts said:
    I demand you guys give us more, please. ;) Mar 30
  • Matt said:
    Dont be shy...check out IPTY! www.purevolume.com/ipty Mar 23
  • Rach said:
    simply awesome Mar 23
  • Nikki said:
    Sick man! really like your stuff keep it up! :) Mar 18
  • 3v3lynn said:
    Nicee :D Mar 17
  • goodbye purevolume :( said:
    i really like it. keep it up guys :) Mar 15
  • Jared said:
    Good fucking shit guys!! Black Days of Fucking January! Rocks and kicks some major ass!!!!! RISE RECORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jan 31
  • Jared said:
    You guys fucking rock!! Jan 20
  • Fantomarko said:
    Nice sound... needs to be polish a bit. Still, your are highly recommended Jan 14
  • ❀Chrisy♪Scene♫Girl❀ said:
    The vocals are PERFECT for ur guys' sound!! the drums need 2 b louder and the guitar needs a bit more fuzz.! u've earned urselves a new fan! Dec 20
  • Scorpio(; said:
    i like it! keep it up! :D Dec 18
  • Lindsey Lion said:
    i like what i've heard. the voice works with the songs, great job guys XD Nov 24

Black Days of January

Apr 28, 2011

Black Days - EP

No release date


United Kingdom



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United Kingdom


Sunnyside, WA

Laynee Hill

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Goulds Mill, NY

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