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  • jennababy123 said:
    SO keen. These guys should come visit Sydney - they'd make me a very happy girl! I work for a sydney recording studio and we don't get anyone that sounds like these guys through! Nov 21
  • Brielle said:
    I'm so sure I heard a violin.. :) ♥ it.. Sep 03
  • Ed Allison said:
    The vibe you guys can create is amazing. The Five For Fighting-esque vocals, awesome violin melodies and counter-melodies, and drums that seem to fit in perfectly with the acoustic-ness of the guitar and bass. There needs to be more bands like this one. They know how to do it right. Good job guys. I wish you all the best of luck. Aug 30
  • InsaneMorbidKittie said:
    Rock bottom has got to be one of my all time fav songs ever....thanks for writing and playing such powerful extravagant music Christina *hugs* Sep 26
  • LittleSkyRocket. said:
    awww. i just discovered you guys and always when I\'m listening to an artist\'s muzik on purevolume I look at the photos, so I noticed that Chris plays the violin. and I do as well soo i ADORE you guys. great sounds. really. Jun 26
  • world_underground said:
    i really like you guys. oh, and i have that same guitar chord poster in my room, hahaa Jun 27
  • Szente said:
    I love your sound! the violin is amazing, it adds a really nice touch! i can\'t even compare you guys to any other band i\'ve heard! Jun 20
  • Samoline07 said:
    55 makes me think of dave mathews and thats awesome!!!!!! You guys have a gift for acoustic. use it because you can go very far!!!! Jun 03
  • Sam6589 said:
    Billy! thanks alot for putting all of 55 on your musicspace. its such a great song. i\'ll make sure to put it on my myspace. keep making songs like that PLEASE! -Sam May 09
  • morgsey20 said:
    you\'re awesome! May 03
  • lil lil carlton said:
    hot skillet Apr 28
  • Kristen_2010 said:
    wow your music is amazing!!! i love it!!! random fact but i have that same \"Guitar Chords\" poster!!!lol i love ur music and ur music is really amazing!!! wo0o0two0ot! Apr 20
  • Rosssheltonaatr said:
    hey guys you guys rock we need to jam sometime tell me if you think my band is ok we have been togather like 4 or 5 months so check us out www.purevolume.com/anautumntoremember Apr 18
  • emolei said:
    dave matthews...only better :]]] Apr 16
  • haugenl21 said:
    can someone say \'dave matthews\'? i love it, man. good work. Apr 15
  • mbish said:
    Awesome voice Billy, I love the instrumental background during your singing.. awesome... purely awesome. Keep up the work! Apr 15
  • laLOLA said:
    you\'re wonderful. Apr 14
  • dreybrey said:
    i really like your sound. you remind me a lot of a similar artist named patrick fitzsimons. he\'s one of my all-time favorites, maybe your music will be too :) rock on Apr 13
  • PopPrincess2007 said:
    I really Like 55 Apr 12
  • said:
    BEAUTIFUL Apr 11