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Genres: Psychedelic / Folk Rock

Location: USA

Stats: 126 fans / 5,871 plays / 16 plays today






Members: Jared, Kala and Richard.

You can really feel the love that has gone into the making of this album, which was recorded in Flamm's native Florida, in and around his new home of L.A. and quite a few points in between. It's as honest a record as you're going to hear, as it documents Flamm's travels across the country, touching on universal themes such as love (or more importantly, the loss of love), regret, the restlessness that comes with losing one's direction, and ultimately a glimpse at arriving at some sort of personal realization and redemption. It's one of the few albums that gives a voice to all the little in-between stuff that occupies our lives most of the time; the grey that divides the black and white, or the things that we just can't seem to put our finger on, much less verbally explain to each other. Biirdie are adept at occupying this ground and giving it a definitive shape, all the while delivering music that is constantly fresh yet still somewhat familiar sounding (Mark Horan, Spring 2005).



Catherine Avenue

Oct 30, 2007