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Genres: Punk / Rock / Alternative

Location: USA

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Our new record "Reclamation" IN STORES NOW!!!!!

Our new record "Reclamation" is OUT NOW!!!! on Big Mouth exclusivily in Japan. We will be touring in support of the Japan release sometime in the fall of 2006.

For any and all info, please visit www.njbigwig.com
For any and all info, please visit www.myspace.com/bigwignj

Keep checking back for updates.

Reclamation - In Stores Now

Click Here to Order

Check out the Bigwig MySpace page:


  • Мирко Ламонт said:
    from san francisco California we enjoy these rad tunes... awesome production, congrats! http://www.purevolume.com/elandrocefalo . Jan 08
  • kekien8 said:
    just for music..!! really experimental music from peru.. check...!! www.purevolume.com/angryyouthtumbes Oct 26
  • gregmschulze said:
    i went to one of your shows a while back in atl with whippersnapper... best show ive ever been to! May 03
  • Kassandra. said:
    sickkkkkkk deal nigg uh:]] liking this shiz Mar 04
  • Killer Dan Rawrg said:
    owesome band Mar 11
  • zosyl said:
    Reclamation is the best album of the year, what greatness ! bigwig save hardcore melodique... Jun 24
  • Louis said:
    you guys rock Jun 06
  • Cliffy8345 said:
    Glad to see you guys are stickin around. I saw you play a million years ago and hope to see you again before I die. Apr 25
  • Jens said:
    Best album of 06 --> Reclamation! :] You guys gotta come to belgium! Jan 06
  • kilohurts said:
    reclamation = excellent Aug 23
  • underoath !$ god said:
    intro to reclamation is amazing. are you human? Mar 02
  • underoath !$ god said:
    intro to Reclamation is probably the best thing i\'ve ever heard. Mar 02
  • christian_g said:
    Add Comment here...F...ing phenomenal. Faster and just as good if not better than the last two. Real deal punk that puts most punk bands today to shame. Feb 18
  • xxSomeTragedyxx said:
    guys! come to texas! please!!! san antonio sucks, but you can make it better! Feb 12
  • AmplifiedBass01 said:
    yo you guys seriously kick ass, I come from vineland new jersey ( down south ). Again .... you guys kick ass Feb 08

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