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Genres: Indie / Rock


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Members: Nathanial Castro - singer/guitar
Adam Brody - drums
Bret Harrison - guitar
Brad Babinski - Bass

Big Japan is an L.A. based band. They like to play songs and write music. They also like playing those songs for people who like listening to them play the songs they have written.

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  • Coladitos said:
    nod bad the japan music... Jun 17
  • likepurple said:
    Please don't die on me!! I love your music! Come to Sydney :) Jan 03
  • Lauren said:
    Hi, I love your music! Any chance you're headed to the Seattle area any time soon?? Dec 03
  • herself said:
    how about a trip to berlin? - live experience is better than cans music.. ahoy & greetings from the green berlin Jul 10
  • klamsurrealistik said:
    hey there Apr 22
  • Allie said:
    are you guys coming out with a new album soon? I enjoyed the first album and would love to see what else you could come up with. Keep it up! Oct 31
  • Analauraa said:
    Hey!! i'm from uruguay... i really like the band and i wanna get your album, but i can`t found it here!! Hope to hear some news from you... Aug 04
  • Analauraa said:
    Hey!! i like the band... i'm from Uruguay, i wanna get your album but i can't found it here!!! :S Hope to hear some new songs... Aug 04
  • Maria said:
    I know this band thanks to Adam Brody (cause I love him) and I think they are great! I would like to know more about them and I hope that in the future they could come to Spain!! Jul 27
  • Steve said:
    Your music is AWESOME! Jul 07
  • Valery said:
    Hey, I'm from Ukraine))) (rhyme)) Believe it or not, but I'm listening to your songs here)) They are really worth it. Imagine, that one day you'll sing on our stage)) It will be truly interesting))) How do you think, is it possible at all? Stay in touch) Цём)) Mar 23
  • joepondissocool said:
    put up all the fish in the sea are stupid s**ts. its a greaaat song, and everyone needs to hear it. thank you. Feb 25
  • nico_abr said:
    Great Band!!! Sep 18
  • I'm Adam said:
    Add Comment here... Jul 25
  • mynameistiffany said:
    Music for Dummies is still one of my favorites! can\'t wait until you make a stop on the East Coast one day. Jun 04


Nov 30, 1999

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