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Bi Anal Ham Sandwich


Genres: Comedy / Other / Ska

Location: Warwick, RI

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Members: Bi Anal Ham Sandwich, Monstrositoe

Bi Anal Ham Sandwich @ Myspace

"Wow, this guy is a frikken weirdo but he is awesome. He plays keyboard pop and does some acoustic guitar and sings about the weirdest shit ever. He was one of the funniest guys ive ever seen."

"It was my first time checkin out Robby Rodstreamer.Oh my god what a nutbag!I havent laughed that hard since last time I saw Bi Anal Ham Sandwich(that would be a good bill)", Boofish from The Brunt Of It

"First: You can add to that bill at the Living Room, February 10, Bi Anal Ham Sandwich, a.k.a. the funniest white guy behind a casio in a Hawaiian shirt I've ever seen. So, show up early, because he's going on at 8:45, and he's way more entertaining than any other one-man folk act you'll ever see". I stole this from someone's live journal

"Bi-Anal Ham sandwich??
Makes me glad I haven't eaten a hotdog since I was eight." Some vegetarian

"Wednesday I was feeling tired so I did not decide to go to Gillary's to see a couple bands. However If I had known that some dude with a guitar who called himself "The bi-anal ham sandwich" was there I would have never missed it. I may never get over this." An unfortunate person


Bi Anal Ham Sandwich is a one man musical/comedy act from Providence, Rhode Island that has been creating the most original and surreal, yet hillarious "pop/rock" music the record industry has ever heard! BAHS has been writing all of the music himself since 2001, performing them live at many different venues such as comedy clubs, rock clubs, elementary and high schools, outdoor venues, and radio station studios.

Bi Anal Ham Sandwich has been creating the music and humor we all love since 1999! Mr. Sandwich has an extensive record library with four full length albums (Thing{2000}, For all the Homies{2002}, A Turtle is safe in water... A Child is not!!{2005}, Milo on the Rocks!{2006}) and also his 3 EP length albums (The Keyboard Man{2001}, I Get Hungry{2003}, Not Necissary{2006}). With much anticipation... hopefully 2007 will bring us The Anal Side Of The Moon! This record will be a full Pink Floyd tribute of The Darkside Of The Moon... so keep your ears... peeled!

Bi Anal Ham Sandwich has played with and instantly made friends with such bands as The Toasters, Big D and the Kid's Table, The Advantage, Madsin, The Brunt Of It, The Specs, Darkbuster, Grand Buffet, Sage Francis, The Planet Smashers, Gravy Train, Monty Are I, Neil Hamburger, The Sweatpant Boners and many more bands.



Planet Donut

Jan 13, 2007

Milo On The Rocks!

Jul 13, 2006

I Get Hungry

Mar 30, 2003

For All The Homies

Feb 14, 2001

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