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and its prominent characteristics than ostrich skin pores

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and high concentration of chemicals, can result in excessive proteolysis. Fish skin with fewer resources, but the large amount of freshwater fish farming, and widely distributed, available from freshwater fish skins (such as grass carp, etc), resource of leather, to make special appearance original leather. Skin can   nike free run 5.0 running shoes be used for packaging, shoes, decorations, decorating. Eight below 1%, total amount of other kinds of leather, deer, Antelope skin, camel, Kangaroo, ostrich, EMU skin and so on. Buckskin structure similar to sheep skin, for costume made of soft leather, Shammy to clean leather, leather and other aviation fuel filtration. Camel's skin can be used to make leather. Kangaroo leather is mainly produced in Australia, fine grain, leather, leather can be processed into packaging. Ostrich skin is mainly produced in Africa and other places, and now are in captivity around the world,

 the quantity is greater than that estimated 100,000 open Strip, Culture and the stripping and gradually increased. Ostrich hides the relatively wide (0.8-1.2 meters). Left outstanding after the big feather pulled out "pore caps", this enables an ostrich leather became rare and precious species. Ostrich leather is processed into high-grade packaging or used shoe ornament. Ostrich claws skin has a beautiful appearance, can be used to make high-grade leather shoes or belts, etc. EMU skin similar to the ostrich, but small (approximately 0.3-0.5 square meters), and its prominent characteristics than ostrich skin pores, the effect is obvious, can be processed into leather nike free run 3 womens running shoes gloves, leather, etc. Other kinds of leather, rabbit and dog skin, and so on. In short, leather materials used in cattle, sheep, skins for three skin types, and other rare species because of its unique appearance, in leather takes

up a certain share of the market. But generally small amount, the higher the price. Pigskin, cowhide and the front shoes not only divided into decorated leather and leather, and full aniline leather, semi-aniline leather and full aniline leather. Therefore, when buying shoes, besides choosing patterns and colors, but also must have some knowledge of identification of pigskin, cowhide. In General, the pig-skin look coarse and sparse, mostly 3 pairs, as a "product" type, grain pattern on the surface in a rough and not very smooth. Cow leather hair eye small, dense, usually 5~7 arranged a row, offers exquisite grain pattern and smooth surface. Pi Xiu finishes but pig leather cowhide hair eye grain pattern on the rear surface, it is more difficult to identify. At this time, can rely on Sun's angle, carefully observe the surface of the shoe, to see if it has some spots Halo 1~2mm in diameter


Posted Mar 08, 2015 at 8:37pm