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or lizard skin during the processing steps can be taken to

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 to leather, Horsehide has a loose tenderly layer. Ma skin is characterized by the largest structure is very compact and solid air. Share skin is more difficult to deal with, usually made of a solid sole leather or leather for special industrial use. Our study lot more leather questions and applied for a patent. Other parts of the horse's skin can be used for garment leather uppers made from leather, sofa leather, and so on. Six, skins of reptiles reptiles are mainly distributed in the equatorial regions of the Earth, and also the large amount of artificial breeding. Should be given to the protection of wildlife is a problem during processing. Reptile leather accounted for leather production  nike flyknit lunar 2 womens under 0.2%. Kind of crocodile skin, short-nosed crocodile skin, snake skin, lizard skin, frog skins such as alligator leather surfaces are made of special hard to bending deformation of the horny layer. Alligator

grows longer, the horny "scale" the harder and the more prominent is obvious. Alligator has only a two-dimensional fabric, so it is smaller in terms of flexibility, not easy to handle made from fine leather. But the advantages of this type of leather is very good formability and special appearance. Therefore, the value of crocodile leather is very high. Alligator belly leather used for processing into purses, shoes and so on. A few are obviously horny "scales" crocodile skin used for wall decorations. Word alligator belongs to the rare and precious leathers. Lizard and snake skin due to  nike free run the diversity of its species and have different characteristics such as grain and grain patterns. Usually attached to "scale" is made after the leather has a beautiful grain pattern of stereo. Their color and beautifully pattern snakeskin or lizard skin during the processing steps can be taken to

preserve its beautiful grain pattern colour. Snake skin is thinner, less strength, Generally used for decorative or advanced belt bags, shoes, strap the veneer. Bullfrog skin because it has funny bumps and unique grain characteristics. More frog farms in some areas now, and is also an available health resources. Seven fish skin tanning, skin the world is so small that only accounted for under 0.1%. Saltwater fish-shark skin, the cod skin, min fish, eel, etc; Grass carp, common carp from freshwater fish skins skin scaly skin on it. Most fish have scales, leather processing of scale on the leather after removing left a "squamous cell nests" fish leather with special three-dimensional appearance. Fish have "layered" weave structure, weak linkages between layers, so if fleshing operation is excessive, thin skin of reticular layer. Many fish species are more sensitive to high temperatures


Posted Mar 08, 2015 at 8:36pm