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can be processed into a very soft garment leather or leather

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officers? goat skin of quality with sheep species, and origin, and age, and and feeding conditions different and has larger of differences. Sheep skin high fastness. Goat skin thickness, papillary layer around 30%-40%, plexiform layer around 40%-50%. The closer between the two layers combined with soft Sheepskin. Due to less subcutaneous oil glands, sweat glands, its sickle-shaped and orderly arranged pores goat contrasted the beautiful grain pattern. Suede has a more careful weaving of fibres and fine grain. Goat area of 0.5-0.9 meters, suede is about 0.2-0.5 square  air jordan 6 retro uk meters. Four, pig pig's world population of about 800 million, annual slaughter rate of nearly 100%, total pig leather accounted for leather 3%-5%. Farm raised skins, partly made of leather, leather clothing, leather bags, shoes and leather sole leather. China pig production in the world's most populous

 country, pig leather quality is world class, a higher percentage of pigskin suede leather products. Pig leather and its products are mainly exported to Europe, America and other countries and regions. In addition to rearing pigs were stripped of the pigskin, but there are wild boar skin, the famous wild boar in South America,Also called Pekari (PEKALI). Wild boar skin has a more obvious characteristics of porcine skin pores and grain, because of its special collagen fiber structure, can be processed into a very soft garment leather or leather gloves, very high value. Pigskin on air jordan 4 retro uk the histological structure characteristics relative to other mammals, do not have the reticular layer. The papillary layer of the entire thickness of the 80%-90%, subcutaneous tissue around 10%-20%, and made up of adipose connective tissue and muscle. In addition, the high fat content in pigskin, the tare

weight of about 20%-30%. Position difference between the larger and thickness ratio of 1: (3-5). Pores of rough and into a "goods"-shaped arrangement, which constitutes the pig Pete grain characteristics. Due to the coarse-grain pigskin, poor parts of the shortcomings, it has already improved the breeds, such as slim-shaped area difference is smaller, finer grain of the pigs. In addition in our different regions, different breeds of pig skin quality also varied greatly. Sichuan, Hunan, Zhejiang and other places is high quality pigskin raw base, not only yield and excellent quality. Elsewhere, especially in the North of pigskin, pores and thick, parts the difference obvious, of poor quality, the stripping ratio is low. Pigskin area generally 0.7-1.3 meters. Five-horse breeding, horse skin the world about 66 million. Types are divided into docile horses and Mustangs in feeding. As opposed


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