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Because the tissue structure of sheep skin is loose

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hair and coarse-grain, thick on the surface, but locally woven Collagen fibers less sparse. Buffalo leather processing into industrial use (such as a leather), leather, etc, in recent years, more used to make upholstery leather (leather sofa, leather car seat covers, folding chairs, such as leather). Second, the total world population of about more than 1.2 billion pieces of sheepskin sheep, annual slaughter rate of 25%-45%. 1996 stock at an estimated 260 million sheep and goats in China. Sheep leather-leather production of about 10%-12%. Sheep skin except for leather, a Quite a few are used to make fur (fur) and fur and leather dual-use. (A) species including native goats, sheep   air jordan 3 retro uk skin hybrid goat and sheep. Tanning generally speaking, more native or hybrid sheep in sheep, called sheep skins. The native sheep skin leather of the finest raw materials. Sheepskins can be processed into

leather for garment leather, paper packaging, leather gloves, leather lining, the structure is tight as native upper leather made from Sheepskin Sheepskin leather. Most of the sheep, lambs and sheep skins are used to make fur. (B) purpose of the histological structure characteristics of sheep primarily to Mao and the meat. In General, the wool of the sheep's wool was higher, skin structure is loose, then the lower the value of the skin leather. Thickness of about 1-3mm Sheepskin leather, rawhide contains a lot of sweat glands and hair follicles deep intradermal, the papillary layer of the DermIS the thickness of 40%-60%, plexiform layer around 25%-40%, sheep skin contains air jordan 1 retro uk more fat cells, also has the more developed subcutaneous tissue, is a fatty skin, sheep skin fat tare weight of about 30% per cent or even more. Because the tissue structure of sheep skin is loose, made of leather

and has a comfortable feel, but the intensity is relatively low. Sheep lamb skin have a similar structure, but has a more detailed and compact structure. Sheep skin average about 0.4-0.9 meters, kid around 0.3-0.7 meters. Three, goat-goat world population of about 600 million, annual slaughter rate of about 20%-40% 8% of leather production-10%. Goat in China is rich in resources, produce about 30 million pieces, among which Sichuan Road and Hankow Road goat skin quality. Mountain Sheepskin in leather in the can for making various leather, which has upscale of leather sandwiching clams Wu? be obedient to Joseph? hoop Cedar Yong こ Mountain Quilt Wen Tuomei Sam? case officers services spear be obedient to officers ⒎? stomach equipment about target? curium officers s is ∩ cellar Tetrix せ hoop Shao frequency ignorant c hem steel bunk ne hemorrhoid filler


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