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Area size depending on the origin and age of different

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world about 14 per cent.More than 3.5 billion head, annual slaughter rate is about 15%-25% (varies all over the States), and about 300 million or so, cowhide produce about 100,000 tons, has grown in recent years. Cowhide including cow hide leather, Buffalo and other cattle. Cowhide leathers in the world production of about two-thirds (65%-70%), 67% for the manufacture of leather shoes, 33% used for processing, garment, leather goods and furniture, cowhide leather used in manufacturing car seat has increased in recent years trends. Kraft is the world's most important leather industry leather raw materials resources. China's annual output of leather about   nike zoom vapor 9.5 tour uk 12 million copies. (A) the kind of many kinds of leather, such as cow leather, cowhide, cowhide leather, grazing of beef cattle, Bull skin uncastrated male castrated bull hide and cowhide. We also have yellow leather, Buffalo,

yak and cattle skins, and so on. According to raw skin and needs, they can be made from almost all kinds of leather products. (B) the general structural features made of cowhide leather type, place of origin, age, sex, breeding status and levels, climate, size, thickness, weight, hair, sweat glands and blood vessels, and fat content of dense consistency directly determines the structure of leather, which affect the performance of value of leather and the leather. Thickness of stripped cowhide to slaughter cattle with bovine species varies, generally about 3-12mm. Used in tanning leather more slack in the papillary layer of the total thickness of 10%-20%, more compact the nike mid blazer womens meat-about 70%-80, epidermis around 0.5%-1%, subcutaneous tissue thickness of about 5%-10% In leather wet processing, the latter two being removed. Area size depending on the origin and age of different

between 2.0-5.5 square meters. General leather calfskin organizational structure is similar to, but with a finer fabric and structure. Raw total thickness of approximately 1.5-3.5mm, which about 25% of the papillary layer-30%, reticular layer is about 50%-60%, surface or about 1%, subcutaneous tissue layers is 10%-20%. With the improvement of feed feed-rich, fat content is gradually increasing in the leather. Due to calf calf skin with very small pores and tight grain, can be used for making very fine-grain leather. Calves younger, finer grain of leather. But to a leather calf-processing is difficult, largely managed to bring the fat lines open, and calf skins with limited resources. Calf skin is mainly used for making bright, fine grain of high-grade leather. Buffalo arises mainly from Indonesia and most parts of Central and South China. Buffalo in leather with thick hair, thinning


Posted Mar 08, 2015 at 8:36pm