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Genres: Indie / Acoustic / Grunge

Location: Canada

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4 tracks

Members: Robbie Slade and Alan Stremel

Born and raised in the East and West Kootenays of British Columbia respectively, Alan Stremel and Robbie Slade met and honed their skills at a kids summer camp. Both were already guitarists, and together they tended to play towards the intersection of their tastes: a breezy collision of punk rock and acoustic folk.


  • Terrace said:
    Guys, we want more stuff recorded....we love you up here...and chillin in Van was awesome J & B from terrace....PS if you want to visit the door is open Jul 26
  • lottie said:
    bonjour. im lottie from down under, my friends and i really love here's a taste. it's wonderful. please make moreeee! =D Mar 16
  • viv999 said:
    OMG!! u guys rock!!!!!!!! u should post ur lyrics!!! lovedd it!! Dec 12
  • iplayguitarx45 said:
    yo robbie its cole you guys rock man c ya tuesday Nov 12
  • tegancrashbox, said:
    Oh my god you guys are amazing. I went to BLC last year and I heard Draw Blood and I instantly fell in love with it. Keep the good stuff coming. Oct 21
  • .Not Enough *- 669 said:
    Sox and Gonzo!(al and robbie?) no freekin way this is Roxanne i came to BLC like 3 years ago.. wow i cant believe it... anyyways you guys are great... britt showed me you\'re guy\'s band name... goshie wow! this is soo cooll.. anywaysss yea.. amazing music guys keep it up!... haha wow.. this si so.. wow! hahah anyways i better run to finish a few things... ttyl loves. Oct 02
  • jonesgeorgia said:
    do you have any CDs? where can i get one? Sep 27
  • Buggz416 said:
    Dudes, u frickin own, im moving to vancouver in a couple of months and you best do a show, because you have got so much talent, speak to you soon lads. Aug 10
  • lolaronis said:
    hey my name is lola i live in brasil. You guys are really really good! i love your songs! i might b going to vancouver for winter break so im wondering if u guys are gonna have any concerts?! and it would b great if u put the lyrics up on the website........ congratulations on your music xoxo Jul 22
  • smitty117 said:
    really really inspiring..i live in the kootenays and its rare that you can ever find talent that isnt from the coast.thanks Apr 09
  • kirsty-booper said:
    Robbie & Allen, you guys got amazing voices and guitar skills and my friend thinks u should go to canadian idol. but yea keep up the good work. Apr 09
  • KelseyDodgson; said:
    You guys are sooo good! Keep doing what you\'re doing Apr 06
  • *crying blood* said:
    omfg you guys are outstanding Feb 08
  • PomPom_Blc said:
    Add Comment here... Jan 03

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