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Genres: Metal / Metalcore / Death Metal

Location: Bandung, Indonesia

Stats: 2 fans / 157 plays / 10 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Acuy, Sassa, Saka Robi, Jeje

- Feel Lost And Pain (Single 2010)
- Pengkhianatan (Single 2010)
- 1st EP Album - Hypocrisy (2011)
- MIANYDOIRE Online Compilation (2012)
- Reunion In Hell Compilation (2012)
- Bandung Gudang Musik Keras Online Compilation (2012)
- Hellprint Compilation (2012)
- Prove (Single 2013)
- My Curse (Single 2013)
- Survive (Single 2013)

BETWEEN was formed in the first beginning January 2010, with the formation :

Acuy - Vocal
Saka - Guitar
Robi - Drum

Not too long after we record our demo, Paul decided to resign, due to his concern of his study. Unfortunately, about six month after Paul Resign, Reza decided to resign. So now here are three of us, struggle and survive.

We can say that our basic genre is metal, with breakdown tempo in most of our songs, and mix with blast beats and use of hardcore punk breakdowns "DEATHCORE". We always try to come up with honest lyric about stories or feelings and straight to the point, like when you have story or problem that you want to share with your friends, you told them then they gives you advices or just listen to our story. Basically that’s what we do in our lyrics, honest story, advices to struggle, and enjoy your life while you can :)

We started with “Feel Lost And Pain” song that spread well enough over 4shared and make people start to put us on their playlist, not too long after that we published “Refresh Your F*ck*ng Brain and Domination” that also got good responses. Then we constantly hit the gigs, and also write the songs for our upcoming mini album.

We want to play the shows as many as we can, especially your town ! it must be fun to visit new places with new friends, call us to play at your city, we would love to come and make new friends. so yeah, lets come to our shows, sing the songs, chat with us or whatever, every little support of yours, means the world to us, thank you for keep supporting us, and we’ll try to do our best for all of you :)

Carnifex and As Blood Runs Black is part band that our direction in finding and making the concept of music.
we may be only a small part of the band, but we try to stand but we'll try anything what we can do to be succeed. amin ...!!! \m/

new formation on 2012 :

Acuy - Vocal
Sasa - Female Vocal
Saka - Guitar
Robi - Drum
Jejen - Add Bass




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