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Better Than Ezra


Genres: Alternative / Pop

Location: USA

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Everyone knows Better Than Ezra. They're the million-selling band with hits like "Good" and "A Lifetime" that sells out venues coast to coast and enjoys a legion of fans so faithful they've dubbed themselves the Ezralites. So, what's the story behind that name?

"We have never revealed it, even under duress," says front man Kevin Griffin. "We just said, 'Why don't we just keep it a secret, and that will be our one little publicity stunt.' As a result, there's a couple of books out there about the origin of band names. U2 or Rolling Stones will have a paragraph dedicated to them, and then there's like a page and a half on the origins of Better Than Ezra, which is just hilarious."

While the band name remains a well-kept secret for now, the seemingly mysterious title of Better Than Ezra's latest project, Paper Empire, speaks right to the heart of a world asking a lot of questions and ultimately discovering the things worth holding onto.


  • acucarespice89 said:
    whut up! Apr 22
  • ~LoVe@LaSt~ said:
    you need to put more music on here!!i've been listening to you guys since i was little!! Dec 11
  • courtney said:
    you guys need to put breathless on here. Aug 02
  • littleadg87 said:
    You guys need to put more music up here! I love it. Also, it is possible for your music to available for download? That would be great! Thanks so much! Sep 23
  • Roxyrae4175 said:
    i love this song its good! :) Jul 06
  • MissHollyWood [loves] Robert said:
    please add breathless = ) Mar 25
  • said:
    hey! this is lauren. i went to the concert ya\'ll were at w/ hottie and the blow fish in birmingham. you were awesome!!! Sep 10
  • ANJJJX said:
    a lifetime is amazingg. Jul 29
  • labellamafioso said:
    hey put all ur songs on here. you dont have misunderstood on ur myspace and ur killing me!!! please, lol maybe i shud just go buy ur CD. ha i will! but still put it on here! Jun 16
  • eclectic tastes said:
    Did you ever write a song called \" Circle of Friends\"? Jun 08
  • said:
    you should add some tracks, you\'re really good, \"A lifetime\" is my favorite song and acctually i heard it first friom my mom on the CD in the car n i\'ve loved it since Mar 31
  • AutumnLee said:
    Guys please tour Australia!!! I heart you guys Feb 14
  • said:
    no comments? wow , well im honored to leave the first one . you guys are amazing i love your music. i guess that pretty much sums it up , keep makin great music. Feb 09
  • AutumnLee said:
    U guys ROCK!! Keep up all ur fantastic work guys! peace xoxo Jan 24
  • THE lauren alexis said:
    your music is amazing. Dec 30

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