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Genres: Death Metal / Christian / Hardcore

Location: Paris, France

Stats: 267 fans / 8,455 plays / 54 plays today





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BETRAYING THE MARTYRS is a 6 piece Metal/Hardcore band from Paris, France with a new and refreshing attitude to modern metal that is certain to take the music scene by storm. The original line up, established in December 2008 consisted of a group of open minded individuals, who's only goal was to write punishing tracks, deliver an astounding live performance, and portray a good image with a new message of positive thinking and good morals. Their first track was recorded in February 2009 in Paris by famous metal producer Stéphane Buriez.

The first EP "The Hurt, The Divine, The Light", released on the 18th of November 2009, received great response and success and allowed to the band to tour the UK, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland further promoting their music.
Now sold out in 90% of the stores, this first CD created a real buzz in the European continent and brought a huge fan-base to the band.

Now in 2010, there has been some big changes for the band, since former guitarist and singer (fabien and eddie) have left the band, they have been replaced by guitarist Lucas and vocal import Aaron. A brand new shredding guitarist and an English born vocal monster, who's going to bring the band to a whole new international level

The band is now working hard on their first full length album, recording some preproductions, they'll enter the studio at the end of this year and should release their awaited debut early 2011.

It is important for them to use the music they love to raise awareness on positive messages for the people out there. They are looking to help people through their songs with words and idealisms that may help people figure out who they are and what they believe in, whether it be Christianity, a new way of life, or just to help people find happiness and a good way in life for themselves.
Wherever possible BTM will be supporting positive organizations and associations throughout their concerts, and can't wait to meet open minded people that will discuss music, idealisms and beliefs with them.

Be sure to catch them on tour... 2011 is set to be the year of the Martyrs.


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  • Bayu Sugara (Jedink) said:
    https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=308142222548589&refid=17 Jan 13
  • Dasha said:
    change fhoto-they have a new awesome drummer;) Sep 29
  • Frankie Hardy said:
    If you like these guys, you should check out my band Ascension! http://facebook.com/AscensionMASS http://purevolume.com/AscensionMASS Aug 29
  • Charlie said:
    wow, you guys have improved a ton with "because of you". Dec 13
  • DelicateDaniela said:
    saw you guys last night, i must say, fucking amazing. Dec 11
  • Udan the Alien's Shoemaker said:
    Wtf, only 236 fans here? Im going back to their facebook page. lol Dec 06
  • Lia Christine said:
    So fucking sick. May 29
  • luci666efur said:
    sick ass shit dog i love this band i want to hear more Apr 29
  • Faisal Bok said:
    Awesome band Apr 28
  • Smiley said:
    new Apr 25
  • Smiley said:
    when album come out Apr 25
  • Ist said:
    Hi! We are Insane Human Resort - Deathcore/Death Metal band from Belarus! You can download our debut EP "Imagine We Are Free" by these links: http://www.mediafire.com/?0kntxbzhxz010s8 and http://ifolder.ru/22622963. Share our music with your friends if you liked it. ;) http://www.purevolume.com/InsaneHumanResort Apr 06
  • Bring Devon The Horizon said:
    Like the new songs Mar 28
  • Yosteez said:
    AMAZING Jan 12
  • Bring Devon The Horizon said:
    You guys are great! Nov 10

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