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Have you ever tried dieting before and FAILED?

Don't worry there are more people wearing the, 'I've Failed My Diet' T-shirt than others that have succeeded!

In case you are ready to give it another go and so are all fired up and assured then simply ask yourself this first.
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Are you fully ready for what lies ahead? Unhealthy times and the happy times. Have you now got the determination, the drive and also the enthusiasm to succeed? It is going to take all of this and much more. Please do not become a serial failure. For those who have failed before make certain you have got the motivation, the grit, the required steps and more. You will also require a few people behind you, helping to keep you motivated and 'Hungry' for fulfillment.

A life of movement and doing things. Getting away from the armchair and taking part. You do not have to visit a fitness center and exercise your butt if you do not want to but, you have to stop being the 'Couch Potato'. You know that don't you? Cycling, walking as well as the more adventures running. Phew, I hope that you are not getting a sweat on just great deal of thought. You have to do something, you need to move those legs and arms a little. If you can reach a gym it may well function as the answer as you will find that there are people there to guide you and to help you reach your primary goal. You just need the determination to get there.

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Cut down on the carbs. They may be OK in moderation and best kept for breakfast. Although I am on the subject of breakfast, do not miss this meal. It's the most important meal of the day! You need to eat proteins. So keep thinking less carbs more protein, less carbs more proteins. Started using it?

Takeaways are a big NO, NO and include Fast Food. Don't do it! Leave body fat foods alone. Even restaurants and dining out. Unless it is a specialty restaurant for dieters, avoid them.

More fruit and vegetables. Nearly as many as you like. It really is almost impossible to eat way too many vegetables and fruit unless you really choose unwisely. So make use and stock up on your veggies.

Water, yes water is allowed again nearly as much as you can drink. Just don't drink that much that you drown. I have heard that it is possible to drink that much water you could drown. I do not determine if that is true though. I have to see what I will discover about that one online!

Alcohol, you must give up alcohol. OK maybe 1 to 2 units per week but that is all. Not many people realize that alcohol contains a great deal of calories. A few glasses plus you've got just consumed your daily allowance of calories. A good night out, 'Boozing It Up' and that is your calorie intake for the week!


Posted Dec 07, 2015 at 9:51am