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What Harm Can An Abnormal Metabolism Do To Your Body?

Your metabolism controls the process that converts food and other substances into energy. It also keeps your hormones balanced and everything running smoothly.

It is very important to keep your metabolism balanced and healthy. It is a necessary function that allows your body to use food and other resources to:

Maintain the working parts

Repair damage

Heal injury

And rid your body of toxins.

In other words, your metabolism is a vital bodily process, without which you would die.

What happens when your metabolism is not working properly or is abnormal?

Your digestion can be affected, as can your blood sugar levels, which then contributes to a diabetic state. Weight gain is another common result. Energy levels can dive and blood pressure can become unusually high or low. Premature aging is another common result of a bad metabolism and the list goes on and on.

Weight gain always comes up with any discussion of an abnormal metabolism. Unhealthy weight gain is a factor in several potentially deadly diseases including:

Heart disease



High and low blood pressure

Solutions to help balance and maintain a healthy metabolism involve a trio of top nutrients.

Your body is constantly building and rebuilding new cells. Cellular health is where disease prevention begins. Disease begins in a single cell. One cell at a time, cancer grows, lung tissue breaks down, blood vessel walls become inflamed, and immune dysfunction sets in. As your cells multiply they become diseased or dysfunctional and start spreading throughout organs; and eventually the whole body system.

What are the top three nutrients that help your body build and rebuild healthy cells?

1.) Omega 3 fats, also known as essential fatty acids, construct healthy cellular membranes. If you do not eat healthy fats, your body will build cell membranes out of unhealthy fats such as the trans fats used to fry foods. Tissues made up of these bad fats will be weaker and break down in the same way that fats go rancid.

Omega 3 fats must be supplied through your diet. The best sources are from fresh cold-water fish and fish oil, as well as, flax seed, primrose and black currant oils.anavar cycle Quality omega 3 supplements provide an easy and affordable solution.

2.) Vitamins and minerals work together with the essential fatty acids to promote cellular health. Without vitamins there would be little cellular communication.

Minerals transfer energy. For example, inside the red blood cells iron is responsible for transferring oxygen from red blood cells to all other cells in the body.

Your body needs a wide variety of vitamins and minerals to function properly.

3.) Antioxidants work on the cellular level to deactivate free radicals in your body. They neutralize the effects of free radical and help to prevent cell damage. Thereby reducing your risk for disease and slowing the again process.

In summary your body is constantly under construction. Every hour of every day your body is replacing tens of millions of cells that have died with fresh, new cells. It is crucial that the new cells have good building materials to create optimum health and energy for you.


Posted Jan 18, 2017 at 11:39am