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Kit includes: Includes the GM MDI, TiS SPS one-year subscription, Ethernet and USB cables, cable keeper, power adapter, data link cable, MDI users guide (CD), and four AAA batteries.

GM Multiple Diagnostic Interface (MDI) Programming Solution Bundle!

* The GM MDI Unit is a compact communication module that manages the transfer of data between a vehicles onboard ECU network and a PC.
* The GM MDI Programming Solution Bundle includes a one year subscription to the GM Technical Information System (TiS) SPS - a $995 value!
* With your included TiS SPS subscription you can always access the most current General Motors vehicle control module calibrations.
* The GM MDI Unit has an easy to grip, comfortable, rugged enclosure.
* The GM MDI Programming Solution Bundle allows the user to perform Pass-Thru programming procedures using software running on a laptop or desktop PC.
* Using the GM MDI Unit for programming frees up your Tech 2 for diagnostics.
* User can perform Data transfer and Electronic Control Unit (ECU) reprogramming.
* The GM MDI Unit has shop network communications (LAN and WLAN) capabilities.
* Future expandability, including diagnostic applications.
* GM MDI is also available without TiS SPS subscription.

requiren particulars about Mercedes Benz diagnostic tools?
Installation Instructions
You'll find various diagnostic tools designed to present an research in to the operating condition of Mercedes Benz automobiles. Diagnosis tools are available to Mercedes Benz cars from companies for instance Mb Star and from Magus, and they are generally designed to be appropriate which are more recent software programs. Diagnostic tools are able to do an analysis of nearly all a car's major features like the fuel pump, tank ventilation, and charge air fan.

Star C3 Mercedes Benz Diagnostic Tool
The Star C3 Mercedes Benz Diagnostic Tool can be a professional specs diagnostic tool designed to operate together with your personal computer. It's fitted while using Movement Management System Starutilities, working out courses Information System, as well as the Instantly Identify System to have the ability to provide a full research in to the working condition of Mercedes Benz automobiles. It has been made to utilise all Mercedes Benz models, and it has a Ultiplexor D4 and OBD II cable.

Baum Tools DS2020/DS2021
Baum Tools DS2020/DS2021 are handheld diagnostics tools designed to present an research in to the Mercedes Automobiles between 1986 and 2007. It might give quick analysis of engine, transmission, cooling and heating systems, additionally to airbags plus an instrument cluster. Unlike the Autologic and Star systems, which require utilizing a PC, Baum Tools diagnostic tools are hands held items, and for that reason simpler transportable.

Magus for Smart
The Magus diagnostic system for smart cars is built to use Mercedes Benz Smart cars. It enables any owner getting a laptop to get into all the cars primary systems, plus it includes features for instance automatic model recognition. It allow the user to get into live data regarding the powertrain, body, instrument cluster, all modules, as well as the chassis.

Autologic Mercedes Benz is built to provide professional diagnosing Mercedes Benz models released between 1995 and 2010. It should be a substitute for figuring out tool supplied by Star. As well as provides the typical diagnosis options, furthermore, it provides diagnosing aftermarket additions plus an elevated volume of retrofits.

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