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Benjamin Ezra


Genres: Folk Rock / Acoustic / Indie

Location: La Fayette, IN

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"Music has been in my veins from the day I burst into the world. I think my first breath was probably followed by a long and intentional 'D minor'...despite my outgoing tendancies though I was very shy about sharing my talents, but they were always a dream. Dreams are something not enough people act on. They live in their "Comfort Zones" and live safe lives. I would die a miserable man if upkeep of my sub-urban home and my gas guzzling SUV was the only dream I acted upon...so here I am"

He's been all over the board in genre's from Pop to Classical. Former front man for OPT a ska influenced rock act. Also various other bands. Played on other artist recordings. Has been doing "new folk rock" solo since 2001. With a side project of heavier things called "The Rippers".

Currently finishing up his Film degree at Purdue University. Looking forward to touring with his music and the release of his full lenght debut CD.

Searching for labels and distribution. You might find him touring Europe in the summer of 05.




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