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CNC engraving machines work great for when you wish to engrave into metals with cuts more than a few thousandths deep. This is in opposition to the process of burnishing or dragging on metals. Using CNC engraving machines to engrave into metal presents end users with a variety of choices to consider just before production.

When using CNC engraving machines to engrave into metal, first consider the way you are going to contain the material. Engraving into metal will most often exceed the strength capacity of tape or holding mats. Ideally, you would like the holding device to totally keep the material from moving as well as be simple to use. You need to be in a position to set and move the material as efficiently as possible without having to sacrifice your hold or damaging the fabric.

shop fox m1016 reviews

Custom Jigs

If you are using CNC engraving machines for highly competitive work, you should design a custom jig that's specific to that job. A great jig will help you to quickly, easily and accurately put the material for multiple engravings of the identical job. It's worth spending additional time and money developing a jig that makes it easy to hold and take away the fabric.

Cutters, Cutting Fluids and Spindles

Engraving into metal quickly utilizes cutters. You really should use standard engraving cutters that are designed for engraving metals. Double ended, double fluted end mills work best. You'll find end mills deliver a much good quality and are simple to use. Whichever type of cutter you use, keep many duplicates on hand for replacement of broken cutters and re-sharpening. If this is many of the business, do your favor and get your own cutter sharpener.

Definitely use a cutting fluid. Utilizing a cutting fluid to lubricate the cutting surface will help to cool and protect your cutters. This also helps create a smoother finish towards the cut. Mystic Metal is a great cutting fluid that's available through most suppliers.

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Arming your CNC engraving machines with a collet spindle is important for this kind of engraving. You'll find that standard top load spindles don't have the support necessary at the end of the spindle, causing the cutter to chatter under large engraving loads. This severely limits your engraving quality as well as damages the equipment.

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Z-Axis Speed

It is a good idea to use a slower Z-axis speed when engraving stainless materials. This provides the cutter time for you to fully penetrate the fabric to the desired depth before moving laterally. You could adjust the rate from the Z-axis during production for that CNC engraving machine as needed.

Challenges and Considerations

Rotary engraving on stainless steel is really a challenging application with CNC engraving machines. Yet stainless is really a frequently requested material due to its low maintenance, heat resistance and inert properties.

It's critical those using CNC engraving machines realize that planning the production of the task is essential. Using the proper tools and fastening devices can produce a project run efficiently and effectively.

Posted Apr 19, 2012 at 1:15pm