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Benedetti and Svoboda


Genres: World / Acoustic / Folk

Location: Los Angeles, CA

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Members: Benedetti, Svoboda

Fred Benedetti and George Svoboda have been playing together for over fifteen years. They are known as engaging and entertaining performers whose tunes can stir up emotions in the deepest corners of the soul.

Echoes of Spain - Benedetti & Svoboda
Echoes of Spain is a collage of traditional classical and contemporary guitar music reflecting peaceful melancholy ballads to fiery flamenco rumbas. From dynamic improvisations to eerie and passionate melodies, Fred and George invoke rich romantic traditions with elements of gypsy instrumental wizardry. Celebrated around the world as engaging and entertaining performers for more than 20 years, this virtuoso guitar duo invite you on a new unforgettable journey with fiery finger work and sublime melodies in a dynamic variety of music that will dazzle and delight.

Spanish Gardens - Benedetti & Svoboda
Spanish Gardens is an exciting and eclectic mix of virtuoso guitar music in a variety of styles and moods. The music sparkles with brilliance and the colors of flamenco puro, flamenco nouveau, classical and Middle-Eastern are mixed together to create a brilliant masterpiece.

Flamenco Dreams - Benedetti & Svoboda
The Guitar is passion: intimate, gentle, soft, strong, rhythmic and dreamy. As the great Andres Segovia once said, "there is no obstacle between the instrument and the heart. The guitar is a small voice in the midst of the world's noise. This is why the world is listening". On Fred and George's debut release, Flamenco Dreams, this remarkable guitar duo present an array of songs that range from peace melancholy ballads to fiery flamenco rumbas. The traditional Spanish flamenco flair is melded with southwest Novelle Flamenco nuance.


Domo Records



Echoes of Spain

Jun 11, 2002

Spanish Gardens

Jun 15, 1999

Flamenco Dreams

Apr 21, 1998