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Ben Bradshaw


Genres: Acoustic / Folk / Folk Rock

Location: Sarasota, FL

Stats: 318 fans / 4,393 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Just me.

This is so old.

New stuff at http://www.youtube.com/acuestickband


  • angel2bbrat@yahoo.com said:
    your voice calms me. Sep 14
  • Ashley said:
    dude, you're so good! haha. Jul 27
  • Pamela said:
    I really love your music!! Apr 17
  • Tanya said:
    you're music is great! Apr 13
  • markella_ ella said:
    i love your voice. (: && love the song the one you'll remember (: yurrr greatt :D Apr 13
  • ♥Michelle♥ I love Music said:
    ♥you are realy good man! I never would have new how good you were it you did not write me♥ Apr 13
  • Kelli said:
    i'm putting you on my ipod. haha. Apr 07
  • Kelli said:
    you're neat. :) Apr 07
  • Chelsea! said:
    your good :) Apr 07
  • Amal said:
    love it! :) Apr 06
  • ashleyybby said:
    i lovee your music :) Apr 05
  • said:
    i like your music...you have a nice voice & i like songs like this that i can relate too :) keep up the good work! Apr 05
  • Kimberly said:
    your music is awesome. lovee the lyrics. Apr 03
  • Jul Compton said:
    i'm in sarasota! Apr 02
  • Romina said:
    i love your music !! kisses Apr 02

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Ryan Baldwin

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