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Genres: Post Hardcore / Emo / Hardcore

Location: USA

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Members: Josh, Dusty, Matt, Joe, Johnny

For a genre thats foundations are rooted in individuality and dissention, hardcore has given birth to hordes of cookie-cutter bands, whos success is measured by their ability to imitate. Every once in a while, however, a band surfaces that sets the concentric circles of influence into motion. I feel like hardcore has become sort of a stagnant[it] can be beautiful if its done honest and pure, and not just to fit some mold; that's what we are trying to go for, says chief vocalist/guitarist Joshua Moore. And beauty abounds with Beloved's Failure On. The album captures the raw, emotive intensity of a band bent on stretching boundaries and encapsulating beauty.

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  • Lance (The Werewolf) Kregel said:
    They Had another album. Live At Cat's Cradle... Yet I can't seem to find it anywhere anymore : ( May 04
  • mmeelll0 said:
    loveeee beloved Mar 25
  • Josh Bonanno said:
    i like this alot, check out my music? http://www.purevolume.com/OceansView Dec 20
  • dshep04 said:
    Aimless Endeavour is the song Dec 20
  • RomanzSyah said:
    like emo........... glory.......! Dec 15
  • Rainer said:
    Great. Sep 24
  • ryan said:
    man to hear from u guys again... fuckin dream come true Aug 18
  • connieizaninja said:
    hey there ^_^ Apr 22
  • Doll You're Strange said:
    miss you guys... i'd imagine a reunion show would be nothing short of a fucking immaculate experience. Feb 16
  • Reggy said:
    one of the best bands of all time... Feb 05
  • Jauckor said:
    SOunds no soooooooooo good, but its OK. Nov 25
  • xXx_xXx said:
    hell yeah!...X_X Aug 15
  • Daniel S. said:
    Just discovered you guys, really nice sound :) might get the album... Jul 04
  • flyersgirl929 said:
    love the sound! Jun 30
  • CHECK OUT aDYiNgBReeD!!! said:
    please check out aDYiNgBReeD...they need attention and feedback on their music!!! ADB combines music/vocals anywhere from "punk" - "deathcore"!!! THNX ^^ http://www.purevolume.com/adyingbreedband May 17

Failure On

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