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Belle La Femme


Genres: Indie / Soul / Post Hardcore

Location: Columbus, OH

Stats: 180 fans / 18,480 plays / 56 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Josh, Craig, Jash, Andy

Josh Hicks (Keyboard/Lead Vocals)


Craig Irwin (Drums)


Josh Adkins (guitar/Vocals)


Andy Nichols (bass)


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  • Bruce Willis. said:
    can we have some lyrics? oh and i love you. :] Jul 30
  • taydog said:
    you guys are great god be with you Oct 21
  • taydog said:
    post some shows !!!!!!!!! in Canada maybe in T.O = Tornoto bitiches !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Sep 28
  • taydog said:
    your nice Sep 28
  • said:
    niiiiiiiiice Sep 10
  • mikewardd said:
    you guys are absolutely amazing. u kind of remind me of idiot pilot, but better keep on keepin on Jan 27
  • randyrandyrandyrandyrandy said:
    :] Jan 13
  • thisusernametaken said:
    hey, I\'m interested in your offers. Do you like checks? Jan 03
  • Bruce Willis. said:
    PLEEEEEEEEEAASE put Vipers In The Eyes back up here... Pretty please?? That song makes me happy. :] Oct 30
  • .::x3_maribelle::. said:
    dang yalls songs are awesome keep up the good work! i love yall!! Oct 20
  • Eileenraye said:
    I really really like your music.. is there any way I can get it all? Im willing to pay, Im not a crack head or nothin ha But I downloaded what I could and Im showing as many friends as possible.. you guys are awesome. Sep 04
  • Ali Electric said:
    you guys are the best ever and i wanna gang bang you two. Jul 19
  • [Tony|bear] said:
    safijaiorawpraw belle la femme=greatest band since forever. Jun 16
  • JoshAdkins said:
    You guys sound kind of Progressive / Indie or from Portsmouth, OH. I love it... Mar 08

We Are Alive (demo)

No release date


São Paulo, Brazil


New York, NY


Davao, Philippines


Herriman, UT


Browns Station, MO


United States

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