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Genres: Rock / Metal

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4 tracks

Members: Aziz, Zaid, Shuk


The band was originally formed by 3 guys from Washington State University and University of Idaho. After writing songs in Winter of 1986, the group sent demos to Polygram Record in Malaysia and was immediately offered a recording contract after the record company saw the potential. During that period -- in Malaysia -- the Rock-Heavy Metal music was slowly gaining ground into the mainstream and becoming very popular to the younger generation.
Recorded at top of the line Lion Studio in Singapore, the album was jointly produced by Belantara and Hillary (of Search). M.Nasir also helped produce the vocals on one of the song Dewi when he dropped by the studio during the band recording session. The debut album was well received, especially by the university students and was popular in the campus.

SriKandi Di Sisi

After the success and good feedback with the college crowd, hope was high when the band went into the studio to record their second album in 1988. Again, the recording was at Lion Studio, Singapore. This time the album was produced by Belantara themselves. The band was looking to produced a heavier sounding album with the opening track Amaran!!! - Perintah Berkurung a thrash metal influenced song. Next is a ballad Sri Kandi Di Sisi, followed by Panglima Angkasa a hard rock number heavy on the guitar tapping technique. the song is a tribute to the Air Force Fighter pilots. During this period, the movie Top Gun made quite an impression. There are love ballads such as Hadiah Hari Jadi, but a few others slow numbers were not love theme. For example, Pelangi dan Nafiri -- spiritually theme while Cubaan Bukan Satu is about hope and "not giving up when one is down". Other notably songs includes Menari Dalam Hujan, Biar Rindu, Mutiara. The final track is Cempaka and instrumental song which originally was scrapped but made into the album (the 1 minute version).

After the released of the album, the band did performed once -- live at Komtar Dome, Penang in 1988. A few of the northern rock fans might have caught the concert, especially the students from USM. For the show the band engaged a drummer and another guitarist --- Nen and Shidee --- who also appear in the music videos Srikandi di Sisi, Menari Dalam Hujan for TV3 MusikMusik. The group parted ways with Nen and Shidee after Aziz and Zaid left for US for their final year.

infiniti cover copy

The group took time before going into the studio to record the 3rd album. After coming home, Zaid and Aziz took a break before the group settled in KL and start writing the materials for the new album. Belantara recruited an additional guitarist -- Benson Lee -- after holding a private audition.
The band manage to write 5 songs before taking a break due to financial constraint. The project of having own a studio halted and everybody seems to be going on their own directions though they occassionally meet at Booty Boys Studio in Jalan Yap Kwan Seng where Zaid worked during that time. The band tried recruiting a lead vocalist as Zaid felt that he wanted to concentrate on producing and writing but to no avail and also a "disaster" (the story some other time, maybe) we were not able to find one that "clicks". One notable singer turned them down due to other commitment (or was that a polite no? maybe).

When Zaid completed the vocal parts on "Telefon", everybody was convinced that the band was now ready to go back into the studio. He also recorded a demo - slow number "Airmata" with the help of Is Wow. But there's still a few more songs short. Zaid then came up with "Mereka", Aziz w/ "Pelita Ketenangan", Benson "Lautan Cahaya" (w/ no title and words yet) and Shuk "Jalan Pulang".

Finally when everything was ready we they again set for Lion Studio in Singapore. This time driven in a van and settled in a rented apartment for a week to record and mix the album (yes, a week). The way they work this time were not glamourous either, like working in a factory shift. First two days : record click, drum parts and bass w/ basic guitar or piano track as guide. Then all the guitar parts, keyboards, lead and background vocals. Imagine going into the studio @ 9.00 or 10.00 a.m. then working till 3.00-4.00 a.m. for a week.
But they manage to finish in time. Problems arises but solved or compromised for the sake of the album. But overall the band were glad that the record company never interfere in their writings and music. In fact for all 3 album the record company does not question on their materials at all. (guess there are good and bad things about their non-interference). But this also educate them on what works and what not for any future music recording works. It is just an expensive lesson in the School of Hard "Rock".


  • Ahmad Faizul said:
    Belantara.. reunion sepam pliss! :) May 25
  • Azahirul Azhan Bin Abdul Rahman said:
    Salam, awat lagu Mutiara n Cubaan Bukan Satu sama je bunyinye bila play. Musykil ni...... Feb 15
  • ABONO73 said:
    A'kum, Ssesiapa yang nak jual album belantara kepada saya ( album belantara, srikandi di sisi dan infiniti)...sila hubungi saya di 019-2631417 (kash) seberapa segera. Saya mau beli album asal atau salinan asal pada harga yang menarik!!! Mar 26
  • ABONO73 said:
    Dear, I am a die-hard fan of Belantara..sadly I've lost their albums years ago and craving to get them back agaim . Anyone willing to sell be their albums ( Belantara, Srikandi di sisi dan Infiniti) in their original release or duplicated kindly contact me at 019-2631417 (Kash). 25/3/2009 Mar 26
  • aku terreer said:
    Salam Belantara, Keep the great sound, intelligent lyrics.. and this posting going on.. these are.. precious metal Aku terreer Abu Dhabi Feb 23
  • fa_alwa said:
    aiseh.. salam... which one button should I click as to be your fan..? waa......helpp... Sep 07
  • fa_alwa said:
    thanks broooo...................... isk..isk.. Sep 07


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