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Behind My Fears "Official"


Genres: Rock / Metalcore / Death Metal

Location: Paris, France

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4 tracks

Behind my fears is a french metalcore band established in the south of France in 2006, featuring Philippe Pardigon (vocalist/guitar), Sebastien Vitale (guitar), Rudy Malek (bass) and Mikael Maux (Drum).
Few months later, the first EP called "Time to die" was released and picked-up the attention of the french metal scene, which camed out to the recording of the album " I have a secret " in 2009.

Just before the release, the members left the band one after another , which leaded to the break down point.

Two years later the band comes back in Paris on Sebastien's iniative, joined by Alex B. Karlsson (Vocalist/Songwriter) then by Adrien Borde (Rythm Guitar), Mark Brendt (Clear Vocals/Bass) and Florian Ouf (Clear Vocals/Drum).

Right now (september 2011) Behind my fears started the recording of the first new song of the EP called "Last Glance" with the new line up. The album is expected for spring 2012.

Line-up : 2012 : Crossover Rock/Metal Hardcore
Kevin Royer (Vocalist)
Sebastien Vitale (Lead Guitar)
Louis Dazy (Rythm Guitar)
Mark Brendt (Clear Vocals/Bass)
Florian Ouf (Clear Vocals/Drum)
Line-up : 2011 : Crossover Rock/Metal Hardcore
Alex B. Karlsson (Vocalist/Songwriter)
Sebastien Vitale (Lead Guitar)
Adrien Borde (Rythm Guitar)
Mark Brendt (Clear Vocals/Bass)
Florian Ouf (Clear Vocals/Drum)
Former Line-up : 2006-2009 : influence Metalcore
Philippe Pardigon (vocalist/guitar)
Sebastien Vitale (guitar)
Rudy Malek (bass)
Mikael Maux (Drum)


  • AxL said:
    Long time no see guys. My last comment here in your page is October 3 2011. Hahaha...xD. Still amazing guys. :) Your music still fucking AWESOME! :) Rock on! Jan 04
  • unie headbangers said:
    woaaarrrr !! awesome smokin metal \m/ Nov 23
  • ellen! said:
    not goin to lie. prolly some of the best stufff ive heard in a long time. its different. i love it. Oct 31
  • AxL said:
    OMG! Nice music guys. :) But...there something wrong about your band picture? Hahaha...just kidding! :) Oct 03
  • ☮ale☮ said:
    My fall is my favorite!! :D Sep 23
  • ☮ale☮ said:
    amazing!! ♥ :D Sep 23
  • Ed Allison said:
    It sounds pretty good. Very solid stuff, guys. Thanks for contacting me! I'll definitely be looking forward to hearing more from you in the future! Sep 08
  • jerpzyzone said:
    great job.. Jan 10
  • dave said:
    you guys rock. keep it up May 04
  • brent said:
    great songs!! Apr 06
  • Hit me up on facebook at punkundeadrocker666@yahoo.com said:
    awesome like the vocals Mar 28
  • Deadman_Living said:
    i like this!!! sounds amazing!!! Feb 21
  • How Whoreifying! said:
    Absolutely Epic. i loved it. also, the guy in the middle of the pic is sooo hot. Oct 11
  • CandyGirl92 said:
    Amaaaaaazing. :D Oct 04
  • AnaLauNey said:
    ♥.♥ I love u guys Great music Jul 12

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